Thursday, January 17, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 37

Tazo here. We've had a busy morning. Here's thirteen things that have already happened today:

1. We set our tummy clocks ahead - just a little. We started trying to get Momma up at 5:11 am (which is waaaayyyy later than we used to get her up, so she should be happy).

2. Titus tried to get her to play RAWR, which caused EG to get all wild and try to bite Titus on the ear. Which got EG tossed off the bed. Repeatedly.

3. Momma gave up at 5:20 and got up to feed us.

4. EG tried to sneak out the door when Momma let Titus out.

5. Momma and Titus snuggled on the couch for lots of extra minutes because she got up so early. She should be happy.

6. We helped her work out. She especially needs our help with sit ups and push ups. Putting the bitey on her toes is very motivational.

7. When she finished working out, I sat on her lap and purred and purred and purred. I almost *never* sit on her lap, so she was a little mad that she had to get ready for work instead of cuddling with me.

8. As soon as she got out of the shower, I ran in the bathroom and rubbed all over her legs. It is very important that your beans take your furs to work with them.

9. Titus shredded a roll of paper towels while she was in the shower.

10. EG chewed on her purse strap while she was in the shower.

11. Momma spilled gooey hair stuff on EG. He got super mad. And then he got super super mad when she had to rassle him and put the squeeze on him so that she could wash the gooey stuff off his furs. He put the bitey on her thumb - but she kept on washing. She finally put him down and apologized profusely, but he just kept giving her a super dirty look. She even tried calling him "Errol" which usually softens him up. Not this time, Momma. I think you're gonna be That Woman again. hee hee

12. EG tried to sneak outside again when Momma went out to start her car.

13. Someone pulled her sweatshirt off the clothes rack and onto the floor and rolled on it so their furs were all over it. She had to try to de-fur it in the dark. hee hee

Have a great day at work, Momma! We'll see you later. We love you lots!


  1. Yup, yup, really are us aren't you?
    It's like every morning here!

  2. Wow, it was a very busy morning at your place! Naughty EG, trying to sneak out! Helping humans exercise is so much fun. :)

  3. Sounds like a typical morning to us....

    *kitty snortle*


  4. My oh my you have been busy this morning!! Mom say she is glad we are late sleepers,
    Your FL furiends,

  5. We don't understand why humans are so grumpy about kitty alarm clocks, we keep them on time for work.

  6. I can only say you really spoil your mom ! Letting her sleep until 5.11 am is very generous. I had to get up at 3.30 to feed ol' Lisa, but I returned to bed until the rest of the group manifested at 7 ! and I am NOT working anymore, lol !

  7. Tazo you're a crack-up, but clearly we aren't loving our Mommy enough in the mornings!

    I've left something for you on our bloggie :-)


  8. huh, i don't know what happened to my comment.

    i am very impressed with you all. you had a very busy morning! great job training your mommy!

    i too think furs need to travel to work.

    mommy thinks that your mommy probably needs a nap after this!

  9. Wow! You had a very busy morning already . . . great job!

  10. You guys certaintly had a very busy morning!

  11. Boy have you three had a busy and fun morning!

  12. Oh wow, what an eventful morning! I got lots of tips to try out with my mom tomorrow!
    Love Clover xo
    P.S. Are you feeling better Titus?

  13. You have a very interesting meme, and very busy house. I like the snggle part.


  14. Holly smokes, you guys certainly had a busy morning!

    It is never busy here in the morning, my Mum is NOT a morning person and only gets up half an hour before she starts work. I didn't even get out of bed with her this morning : )

  15. What's really fun is when dey don't work anymore but yoo still wake dem up early to feed yoo and den after dey do yoo all go back to sleep and leave dem to clean kitty litters and least we let mom nap in da afternoon.

  16. You guys are bad. Very bad. But very funny.


  17. Very busy morning - your poor mommy having to get up at 5 to feed you!

    I would like to invite you over to my blog on Sunday to help cheering the Packers. As you know, I am the official cheerleader of the National Feline League and Derby has asked me to ead the cheer for the Green Bay Packers in their playoff game against the New York Giants. Please come, it'll be fun.

  18. Good on you! I wake my humans sometime between 4.30am - 6am for breakfast, regardless of whether there is food left in my bowl overnight!

    I have a guessing game over at my blog and would like to invite you to have a go at it since Tazo is also a white+tabby.

    Victor Tabbycat told me about you after I have posted.

  19. HEE! You've all had an eventful morning! And Earl, you handsome thing you, trying to sneak out like that... are you in cahoots with MaoMao? MaoMao door darted on Momma twice today!

    You are so right, it's crucial that our beans take our furs with them wherever they go! *GRIN*

    Love and cuddles and whiskie kisses to you, cutiepie Earl!

  20. Holy moly, I got all nappish just reading about this!

  21. I am crazy laugh at No.1 and No.3~~

    I successfully made michico gave up this morning as well!!! Well Done!

  22. Hehe we're going to help our mum do sit ups. We're allowed out the door in the mornings, well all day if we want to, ever since dad put up the purrizen fence.

  23. That was a super busy day. I think it's wonderful the way you are always thinking of ways to help your Momma! She would have a terrible time getting ready for work without you.

  24. Wow! You guys sure hadda busy morning sendin Mom off to hunt fer the day.


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