Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 24

Thirteen Things That Happened This Week

1. WE GOT A STROLLER AND WENT STROLLERING!!! We hit the open road. It was awesome! We felt the sun on our faces and wind in our furs. Whee! (Titus' note: They went to the end of the driveway and back. Once. That's it. Hahahahaha!)

2. Mom emptied our litterboxes, scrubbed them out, and filled them with fresh, clean Swheat Scoop.

3. We peed on the floor right in front of our freshly cleaned litterboxes.


5. Earl Grey played in the toilet. Then got his feets wiped off with baby wipes.

6. Mom cleaned out under the couch and found 22 balls, 5 milk jug rings, and a pink mousie. Then she forgot to put them away before she went to bed, so guess what we did at 3 am?! PLAYED JINGLE BALL! AND THUNDERING HERD OF ELEPHANTS!!! Because that's what you do after you play jingle ball at 3 am!

7. Someone who's big and white and hairy had a flea on his head, so we all got flea drops. Grrrr.

8. Mom vacuumed and vacuumed and vacuumed and then washed all the bedding. Because of the stupid flea. On someone's froot bat head. We worked so hard to get all our furs all over everything and now we have to start all over.

9. Mom was off yesterday and we got lots of cuddles and snuggles. We even all took a nap on the couch.

10. Our internet was down all day so Mom said a bunch of words from the bad word list. We couldn't visit our friends' bloggies or Meow Like A Pirate, and Mom couldn't check her e-mail or do her homework. Grrrr.

11. Earl Grey hasn't tried to run outside all week. BECAUSE WE GOT A STROLLER AND CAN GO STROLLERING!!!

12. Titus got to take a long walk with Mom. He pooped in the park and Mom had to pick it up with a plastic bag. And she had to carry the poop in the bag all the way home because the trashcans in the park have been put away for the winter. Hahahahahaha!



  1. I'm so happy you like your stroller!!! They are so much fun and are great for going out but not getting fleas.


  2. I think strollering is an excellent activity - especially when there are no internets.

  3. Ummmm, guys, I know another D.O.G. who did the EXACT SAME THING! And we had to all get that uck on our necks. yeah Diamond, we're talking about you, flea butt!
    Hey, BTW, did you guys get a stroller?

  4. hehehehe~~~~
    Congratulations~!!!!! You are strollering now~!!!!

    I am so so happy for you~!!! That is a wonderful news~!!!!

  5. You all have been busy! Congratulations on your stroller! :) Strollering is so much fun!

  6. So I take it you like strollering? I love #6. You guys are bad. At 3:00 am I am sleeping right next to mom, probably being a good dog the only time in the day.

  7. Woohooo! I am so happy you got to go strollering! That is very exciting!

    Titus, you done a bad thing to bring a flea inside. Even though it was by accident.

  8. ps: Titus, I hope I did not hurt your feelings. I should have said that the FLEA done a bad thing to go inside on you. Yep.

  9. Great Thirteen."Yay" you got a stroller I bet it's alot of fun.

  10. hehehe, I loved readin' yur Thursday Thurteenie -- you sound like yur havin' so much fun strollerin' -- *singin'* BORN TO BE WIIIIILD!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  11. you have had a very eventful week!
    bummer bout the flea though!
    I have never had a flea - Castle had them once though. No idea how he caught them cos we are indoorsy cats and have no contact with other animals! Maybe Meowmie had fleas and gave them to us!!!
    Cool stroller! I wonder if my meowmie would be brave enough to push us around in one?

  12. I love your thirteen. You got a stroller! Wow. My bean thinks I would like to go outside and thinks that I would like a stroller. She's trying her best to convince pa bean that I would like one. They look neat, but I don't know...

    Psst...I was also reading your 7 meme. That was cool finding out more about you.


  13. YAY YAY YAY!!!!! Yer stroler is IXZAKTLY like mine!!!!! Yoo are gonna have so much fun!!! Yoo shood join the Super Stroller groop on Catster!!!!

  14. That is a fabulous stroller! You sound like you're having so much fun with it already, and what great strollering adventures lay in store!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  15. Yay for getting a stroller! I'm glad you like it. You are going to have so much fun. Bad, bad flea for getting on Titus.

  16. Congratulations to the stroller! I am very happy for you.

  17. Yay yay yay!! Da strollering sounds so fun!


  18. That's one cool stroller, wish we had one like that! Guess we'll have to make do with the sun room Mummy & Dad built us this summer, even if it hasn't got wheels...

  19. You guys look awesome in the stroller. I loved your post on assembling it. What a great present.

  20. O very cool

    chin wan

  21. Way to go on #3.

    Hey, did you guys get a stroller and get to go strollering?

    Luf, Us


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