Thursday, September 13, 2007


Is anyone else having trouble with Shutterfly for the last week or so? Momma hasn't been able to get on there at all through her bookmark and she's only been able to get on there once when she ended up googling it. We're using Firefox if that helps. It's making her say some words on the bad word list. Thank you!


UPDATE - Well, she tried it with IE and it worked, so I guess we're all good with this one. Thank you everyone!


  1. No we are OK with Shutterfly but we don't use them for blog pictures. We use either direct upload or Photobucket. Hope it gets fixed soon!


  2. I is sorry but I can't help you with Shutterfly. But I CAN tell you about binkies. They are signs of a happy bunny. It usually consists of big hops up in the air. Sometimes in the middle of the hop a bun with change directions or move from side to side. If you're ever around a bunny who binkies, you know he or she is having a good time.

  3. Oh no, the bad word list! That's pretty bad. I don't use shutterfly so I can't help you. I hope you figure it out.


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