Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 25

Thank you, Maggy and Zoey, for our sweet NFL pictures!

Thirteen Reasons We Like (American) Football Season


2. That yellow flag that those guys in the striped shirts throw around looks like it would be super fun to chase.

3. Whistles make sort of a cool sound when they're on TV (but in real life, they're kind of askeery).

4. Some teams are named after kitties - like panthers, bengals, jaguars, & lions. Grrrr!

5. Some teams are named after birdies and fishies - like cardinals, dolphins, ravens, falcons, seahawks, and eagles. Birdies and fishies are fun to watch - and look pretty tasty.

6. Mom singing the Monday Night Football Theme.

7. Mom pretending to be a commentator and doing the play by plays. It makes Dad laugh because she has no idea what she's talking about. She also imitates the refs when they do their hand signal things after someone screws up.

8. Mom and Dad pick their favorite teams to win for each game. Dad picks his based on facts, Mom picks hers by mascot and color. She usually does pretty well in her picks and it drives Dad crazy. hee hee


10. Those guys on TV look like they're playing a ginormous game of Thundering Herd of Elephants. Imagine - Thundering Herd of Elephants with 22 kitties on a giant field of grass. Ooooh, the possibilities.

11. The football is sometimes referred to as a PIGSKIN. That sounds yummy.

12. Mom gets sick of Dad yelling at the TV and takes us for a walk.

13. Cuddletime with Mom when she gets bored and goes into the bedroom to watch a different show.


  1. You are all very silly! The game you are talking about isn't football, it's American football. ;) There is a difference you know. :D Laptime sounds like a good reason to ilke American football season, though. :)

  2. Maw & Paw really don't watch much "American Football" as DH says! But snuggles are always good.

    Luf, Us

  3. These are superb reasons.... snacks, laptime and walkies are the best.

  4. Guess what? I almost did a post about football just like you did! We must be on the same wavelength.

    We love football, but we are a little sad that our team is doing so poorly. Even though I have been cheering my loudest.

  5. Football is great!!! Our house sounds pretty similar to yours with choosing teams and stuff except there are teams we are sworn to dislike (well really just the NY Giants).


  6. Yep! That could be our house - except it's only our mom and her mom (Nanny) who watch football. They are big Washington Redskin fans even though we now live in Florida.

    Midnite & Stray Kitty

  7. Meowz to you Earl Grey!
    What a kind and gentlemanly offer to come and cuddle with me today.
    I would be delighted to entertain you out on my patio. If you like tuna puffs and catmint tea and watching the butterflys dance around the daisys...then it will be a splendid afternoon in the sunshine.
    Thank you for leaving your calling card.
    I look forward to your reply.
    purrrs, Miss Peach

  8. uh oh ... i don't know anythin abowt da grate sport called "football" ... now i'm in trubbel.

  9. The way you describe it makes me think I should look more into this "sports" thing - it sounds really good, actually!

  10. i like football - the UK kind though - your football seems to be olayed with people using their hands and lots of body-padding - bit like our Rugby (note: no padding worn!)

  11. Mom likes number 8. I think they are all pretty funny.


  12. I don't see American football much, but you guys are really cute~!!! I hope your team could win a lots~!

  13. Great facts about football and we agree with all of them. Our beans do the exact same thing during the season.

    Hee-hee we never heard the football dudes referred to as a Thundering Herd of Elephants.


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