Monday, September 17, 2007

The Assembly...

Titus here:
We managed to wake up Earl Grey. We just waved some stinky goodness under his nose and he perked right up. Anyway, the Rubicon is finally assembled and ready to roll! Here's a look at the assembly:

We all had to scope out the box. It was very tall and smelled pretty neat.

At this point, I am very bored and have resorted to chewing on my Nylabone. Which is way more fun than checking out some dumb box.

As soon as Mom emptied the box, the twins jumped in there. Mom was wondering if maybe she should've just ordered a large, empty box instead.

Tazo had to inspect the pieces to make sure everything had been shipped.

EG had to double check.

The tires smelled great! Momma said they were stinky, but she's nuts.

This tire smelled so good that EG put the bitey on it. You can sort of see his teeths mark right in the middle of the photo on the black, foamy part right above where it bends. (Sorry, Mom tried to put an arrow on there this morning, but she hadn't had her coffee yet, so she was saying a bunch of words on the bad word list. Just trust me, the teeths mark is there.)

Mom unfolded the stroller and laid it down to put on the front wheel. Tazo's liking it already.

EG's taking his turn. The stroller is still turned on it's back.

Finally, the wheels are on. The fender looks like it's on, but it's not secured. Mom started saying those bad words again, and decided that it was a good job for Dad to do when he got home from work. Ditto for the cupholder. She gave up after she pinched her fingers (even though the manual told her to be careful about that) and started saying bad words again.

EG's kicking the tires.

I think he's gonna keep it. His favorite spot is in the basket underneath. Mom doesn't really have the heart to tell him that that's not where he's supposed to ride. He ended up staying in there most of the evening.

The guy from the website told Mom that it should only take a few minutes to assemble. It took Mom much longer. heh heh There was lots of mumbling and bad words and "Easy assembly my @ss!" going on. But, it all worked out and after she was done, she had to lie down and have some of these:

Tazo here: Here's a Furry Kid blooper picture for you. Mom was about to "publish" and noticed that in addition to this being a really bad picture, Titus needed some Spot #13 "maintenance," if you know what I mean. hee hee She censored it in case anyone has a weak stomach. hee hee Shortly after this, she chased him down with a baby wipe. Hahahahahahaha!


  1. Wonderful series of photos! :) You all had fun checking out the stroller. :) I hope you have lots of fun going out in it too!

    Too funny about the spot #13 photo.

  2. What a great stroller and a box too! It is good to do a quality check and make sure all the parts are there. EG is really cute in the basket.

    We hope you have lots of fun strollering.

  3. Hahahahaha! Titus had a dirty Spot #13!!

    Your mom is good at building things. My Daddie had to build our stroller. I hope you have loads of fun strollering!!!

  4. Great story! This could be the new manual for the stroller. We want one too!

  5. Oh boy you guys, you are so lucky! I can't wait to hear how the actual ride is!
    Mommy says that maybe Santa will bring one. But - December? In NW Ohio? She's nuts...
    BTW, Mommy likes that beverage too!

  6. Oh we loved the photos!!!!
    What a wonderful stroller! and the box is an extra treat too!
    How exciting!

  7. Wowie, that's some ecksellent snoopervishun. My momma sez she doesn't know how she efur got anything done before she had kitties to snoopervise her! It was so much fun watchin' yur stroller-goin'-togethur adventchure, and me and Momma both laffed! It looks like a great stroller, and I hope you have lotsa fun with it -- and that boxie is way kool, too!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  8. Wow what a day. All that assembling and spot maintenance can be pretty draining. FAZ

  9. thank goodness your mom noticed the blooper in time! that is a cool stroller, but I still can;t imagine ever seeing a cat in a stroller in sure it happens though! x

  10. What fun photos, and how wonderful to follow the progression of your new stroller's assembly! *GIGGLE*! It is an awesome stroller, and I'm sure you will have many great strollering adventures!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  11. Oh Wow! That looks so neat. I actually think the box looks like a lot of fun, too!

  12. Can't wait to hear about your first strollering adventure!!


  13. Nothing better than an empty box! We think your mom deserved those Chills after all that work and pinching her fingers too. And then publishing all those pictures on your blog! Wowee!!!

    EG must think he's in the "low rider" part of the stroller. Heh heh...

    Luf, Us

  14. What great pictures, and commentary. My mom was laughing, she knows all about easy assembly my behind. hee hee.
    Enjoy your strollering.


  15. I can you are very happy.
    There is so much pictures can tell that you are so exciting~!!!!

    Can't wait to see you guys going out.

  16. Oh, this is just fantastic. A stroller AND a great box to play in. You're so lucky!

    Um...Earl, I think you're supposed to ride in the seat above the basket, not IN the basket. Why don't you give that a try.


  17. Well,if yer Mom didn't have fun puttin yer stroller together,she sure had fun after it was done ;)


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