Thursday, September 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 23

Today's Thursday Thirteen is dedicated to my "surprise". Tazo and I have been doing a little spying and eavesdropping research based on the clues I got yesterday. Here are the 13 "surprise" possibilities that we came up with:

(As a reminder, here's the list of clues I found yesterday: 1)The Man in Brown is bringing it to our house *supposedly* tomorrow, 2) it's heavy, but not as heavy as Titus, 3) Mom thinks she's going to have to assemble something and that makes her say words on the bad word list, 4) it's red, 5)it maybe has something to do with a Jeep, 6) it can be returned, and 7) the best season for this is almost over. We live in the Mitten state if that helps.)

1. This could be delivered by the Man in Brown. It looks heavy, it's red, and could probably cause Mom to say bad words on a windy day. And the season for this is almost over where we live.

2. The Man in Brown could bring this and it's red. But I don't think it's very heavy or needs to be assembled.

3. A couple kitties mentioned that maybe I was gonna get a Tonka truck. It's heavy, returnable, and could be brought by the Man in Brown. But it's not red, and it doesn't need assembly or words from the bad word list.

4. I got a suggestion of a lobster. They are red and may cause Mom to use some words from the list, but I don't think they're heavy and I'm not sure the Man in Brown would bring me one. Well, maybe...

5. Um, no way. To the dawg and to the lobster suit.

6. Aaaaahhhhhh!

7. This would be more for Mom and Titus, I think. And maybe Dad.

8. Ugh. He looks nice enough and all, but Titus is plenty. Plus, I bet this guy has a lot of drool and I don't do dawg drool.

9. Now this is a possibility. It's red, deliverable by the Man in Brown, and would definitely use some words from the list. But we already have one. That's how I know it makes Mom say words from the list. heh heh

10. We already have the red one. But I wouldn't be opposed to getting the blue one, too.

11. Hmmm. This looks comfy. It's red, shippable, and it looks like it might use some words from the bad word list - if Mom pinches her fingers in there.

12. This is red and deliverable by the Man in Brown. But it's not heavy. It doesn't need to be assembled or cursed at. And I think it's just a fancy prison box, so I'll pass. Unless that hot chick in the picture comes with it. heh heh

13. Now this is definitely in the running. It looks heavy, it can be shipped, and requires assembly and cursing. But it's not red.
*doing my best Joey Tribbiani impression* Hey, ladies. How YOU doing?

We found some other stuff, too. They meet some of the requirements, but something's not quite right. I just can't put my paw on it...

We found this on Mom's wish list. But this isn't her surprise.

This guys is also on Mom's wish list. This is her pretend celebrity boyfriend and all time favorite Detroit Red Wing, Steve Yzerman. Yep, she's gonna kill me. heh heh

Then we found this in a secret, password protected file. heh heh
Man, I'm hoping this is the surprise. That would totally rock!

I overheard Mom say that the Man in Brown is supposed to show up today. He was supposed to show up yesterday, but he got hung up in O hi O. I wonder if he was hanging out with Parker. I still have no idea what my surprise is, but I'll keep you guys posted.


  1. STROLLER!!!!!!!!!! STROLLER!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Gosh, think how cool you'd look in the driver's seat of that red Jeep.'d also look ultra-cool in that red STROLLER!!! Oh, I just can't wait...this is so exciting.

  3. That stroller would be a wonderful surprise! :)

    Steve Yzerman is my mom's second favourite hockey player, after Doug Gilmour. Yzerman is from the city where my mom grew up - Nepean - and one of the big local skating rinks is named the Steve Yzerman arena in his honour.

  4. Wooohoooooo! I think it IS a stroller!!! This is very, very exciting!

  5. Wowie! Zowie! We think it is the stroller, too. Why else would your Mom put a password on it!! Hurry up UPS man!!
    Your FL furiends,

  6. Guys - you are going to get a stroller!!! And a red one.... Make sure that you don't do any speeding - you know they tend to check on the red ones more!
    Funny TT!

  7. is your mummy pregnant or are you ANOTHER cat that gets taken out in strollers? ise only realised today via daisy's blog that some cats get to do this! i may have to have some words with my mummy - i can just see me being pushed down Bond Street being the envy of those stupid little handbag dogs!

  8. Hmmm, I don't know what you're getting, but I can't wait to find out. Steve Yzerman, hmmm, well, since we live north of Boston, we are Bruins fans. Ray Bourque and Bobby Orr! "nuff said.

  9. I hope you get the cool stroller!

  10. Ooooooooh, I hope its the stroller -- that would be WAY KOOL! And your list cracked me up -- espeshully the pickshure of the dawg wearin' the lobster suit. If he's part lobster and part dawg, what does that make him? A Lawg? Or a Dobster? hehehe

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  11. Mom promised us a stroller for Christmas. Please let her know what you think of your, if it's your surprise. I sure hope it is! It looks very grand.

  12. Oh, oh, oh! I hope you get that neat looking stroller! How exciting! Keeping paws crossed for you that it isn't a dog in a lobster suit, *giggle*.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  13. Our mom would like #7 too. I hope you get that stroller. That's super kool.

    Midnite & Stray Kitty

  14. We bet its da stroller! Mom finks it should be da umbrella - brella - brella-- in red red red in dat beeeeuteful place wif da turquoise water dat looks jus like her favrit place PROVIDENCIALES! We mus pologize fur her arratik beehaveor - she got a little acited there.
    We will be checking back for when da ups-a-doopsa man delivers yur goods.

  15. YOU ARE SO LUCKY to have such amazing toys and accessories! We have hardly anything over here in Hong Kong! We're all jealous!!!

  16. Wow, is that a jazzy stroller. I hope that's what the man in brown is bring you, too.


  17. I think stroller will be wonderful~!! I love it very much~!

  18. I can report that the man in brown was here in O Hi O yesterday and he dropped off a big box. It was a stupid stereo thingy. Nothin' for me. But I bet you get a STROLLER!!! I want one too!


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