Wednesday, September 26, 2007

White Dawg Wednesday


Thank you, Maggy & Zoey, for my cool ref uniform. It is sweet!

Ever since this whole NFL thing's been going on, Mom's been real excited. So excited, in fact, that all she ever does any more is sing the theme from Monday Night Football. She sings it all the time - even at work. Today, one of her co-workers kept humming it and humming it and was complaining that it was stuck in his head. He was wondering where he heard it. And Mom's boss totally threw her under the bus and ratted her out. But she was secretly very very proud to have successfully planted an earworm. heh heh


  1. Very cool Titus. :) You are talking about American football, right? Over here in Europe, and in most of the world, football is what Americans call "soccer."

  2. Wheeeeee, Titus you look sooooo cool!

    Monday night football means warm laps.

    happy day to all of you

  3. its in the LL's head too. Some Monday Niiighhtt Foootball?? Its a big deal in our house.


  4. Hey, I learned something new today. I never knew that term "earworm" before. I have gotten an earworm stuck in my ear before.

    Titus, you are a wonderful referee. I hope you will get to use instant replay.

  5. Boo for Mom's boss. But what a great photo of Titus. Mom doesn't watch football (I know, the horror) but Auntie and dad both watch the guys named Pat.


  6. mean the game with the oval ball that wussy guys covered in super-soft padding play? ;-)

    my meowmie likes football too...the Uk kind...her team is Chelsea and they have just lost their manager, he was the best manager in the world too :(

  7. Oh, I'm *giggling and giggling* at earworm! I'd never heard that before, to refer to a song stuck in one's head. Mom loves "earworm", too! *smile*

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  8. Hahahaha, that is so so cute~!!!!
    I like the funny and both have art~!!! That is very sweet~!

  9. Oh gosh! I hates it when mine Mummy sings and sings. Usuawwy what I do is I sing wouder than her. That usuawwy stops her.

  10. Fall = Football and Football = FOOD! in our house! We love when the folks watch football because the eat lots of good stuff & then knock it on the floor when the cheer!

    Gooooo Steelers!

    Sherman, Penny & Lola


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