Friday, November 30, 2007

Froot Bat Friday


In other news, Mom and EG seem to have made up. He E-Dubbed on her a lot last night. And he only put the bitey on her once. But it was on her elbow, so I'm not sure that counts.

And a note from EG:
Yes, That Woman. I *do* need to stare at the ceiling and meow and fritz around the house like something or someone is chasing me. No, I won't tell you what (if anything) I'm looking out. That just adds to the mystery. And I don't care that it's dark and Dad's not home. Again, just adding to the mystery. heh heh


  1. Cute Frootbat photo, Titus! EG, I do that too sometimes! Drives my humans absolutely crazy!

  2. Titus you look so comfy on your blankie and kinda sleepy. Or maybe EG just wore you out!

  3. Titus I LOVE your frootbatty ears! It is very good of you to yowl at the ceiling and pretend that aliens are invading. Making humans nervous is so much fun!


  4. Cute photo Titus.EG is like me I do that too it drives my mom nuts :)

  5. Earl Grey, that's a good trick! I do that when my Daddie is away too. Stare wide-eyed and alert at the door or window and pretend you heard an intruder! Then you can laugh while your Mommie goes around peeking out all the windows. Hahahaha!

  6. Those are some lovely fr00tbat ears, Titus!

    EG: My sister Ivy does that a lot! It always makes my mommy look up, too.

  7. It is always fun to keep ‘em guessing ‘bout what you are lookin at. It keeps them on their toesies! And it makes me giggle!


    PS: Love the photo!

  8. Titus my friend,
    I do like that frootbat photo of you. Very handsome.
    Your friend--Mickey

  9. Titus is such a cute woofie!

    EG, I am glad you made up with your Mum. Christmas is coming and you should try to be good : )

  10. EG nibbles on yur Momma's elbow, huh? He and Dorydoo have a lot in kommon, Dorydoo nibbles on Momma's elbow alla time! hehehe

    Titus, that's a great pickshure of you! You are a superduper frootbat woofie.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  11. Earl! Handsome! *kissie kissie kissie* *winkie winkie winkie* *purr and purr and purr*

    Big kittygirl smile!

    I can't wait to see you at Marilyn's party!

    Love and cuddles and whiskie kisses from Dorydoo!

  12. i've been doing that running around and staring at the ceiling thing too. it freaks out mommy 'cause she's scairt of spiders so i make her think there's spiders around

  13. You guys are so funny. Mom does love reading about you. Don'y put the bitey on your mom too hard, EG. It's hard being a mom.


  14. A small bitey is better thans no bitey. Good job!

  15. Hi, Titus - you look so cute!

    To EG: I know exactly what you mean! :)

  16. Oh man, buddies, I'm glad that everybuddy is gettin' along again. That sounds like a fun game to play with your momma, EG. I'm glad you got some pumpkin pie, Tazo! Oh, and great ears, Titus.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  17. Titus you are a good dawgie. We are glad that you can help keep the peace!

  18. Aw, what a sweet picture of Titus! And thanks, guys, for my purthday wishes! I had a furry nice one.

  19. Awww,I love your ears.

    I'm just now getting to blog again, I've missed visiting with everybody on a regular basis. Things are improving around here. My Pa bean is home from the hospital.

    It's raining cows and pigs, today. The wind is blowing really hard.


  20. Oh you are so dang cute!
    I think Mosaic Dawg has a little crush on you.


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