Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tazo Tuesday

Momma is usually very protective of her camera strap. But a lot of my friends on the Cat Blogosphere have told me great things about putting the bitey on the camera strap. So I talked Momma into letting me try it out. And guess what? It rocks! It is super, super fun.


  1. Cool photo, Tazo! :) Camera straps are fun to attack. My mom doesn't like it when I do that, though, so I don't do it often.

  2. That's right, I love to play the camera strap, too.
    As long as it shows, I will grab it into my paw~!!

    Excellent photo~!

  3. Yeah, we do that!! You have what Maw calls a pencil eraser nose. It's dark around the outside and pink on the inside. Beans are weird.

    Luf, Us

  4. Tazo, I am looking deep inside your giant eyeball. I almost got hypnotized!

  5. I used to love the camera strap until Meowmy got a new DSLR and its thick strap is not fun. Its more annoying. Enjoy!


  6. mmmm yummy!
    This is a super great close up of you Tazo!

  7. Furry Good Tazo,

    I tink you got dis tech-niche down justee right. Da bitey of da strapee iz what you do when you gots to get da momeez to quit wit da pix alreddy!!! & dat giant eyball really sez it all!

    -Dr Tweety

  8. HEE! Tazo, you look so cute putting the bitey on the camera strap! MaoMao does that all the time. Sometimes I do it, too!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

    ps - please tell EG -- aka Handsome -- that I'm sending him lots and lots of whiskie kisses! I loved cuddling with him in the EG-san!

  9. My Mommy would like to come over and give your nose a very large smooch. She never ceases to embarrass me...

  10. Oh yes, playing camera strap with Mom is one of the best games!

    Your friend

  11. We love the camera strap - it's the only cool part of that thing! Mom just got some great pictures of Jake attacking the strap, we'll have to put them up soon.

  12. What a big eye you have. All the better to find something tasty to put the bitey on?? Great pic.


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