Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 29

13 Things That Happened at Our House This Week:

1. Mom decided that, in order to save time in the morning, she would scoop out the litterboxes in the evening, instead of the morning. A fine idea, except that we like to do our business in the late evening or early morning. Which means there's stuff in there that's ripe for litterbox surfing, if you know what I mean. Which is exactly what Titus did. And then he had 'tocks trouble again. Mom went back to morning scooping. heh heh

2. Mom added clean litter to the litterboxes. Which tends to freak us out a little. When she went in the bedroom to kiss Dad goodbye (on her way to work), she noticed a wet spot on the bed. She doesn't know if it was spit or pee, but she wasn't taking any chances. She had to throw the blankets into the washer. And be late for work. heh heh

3. Mom and Dad had pizza on Friday night. Mom got up to get more napkins and Dad (what was he thinking? Bless his heart) left the pizza box unattended. So Titus ran over and helped himself to the pie. He left Mom and Dad two pieces. Covered with white furs. hee hee

4. Titus wanted to play with EG, so he jumped out at him and play bowed and gave him a play growl. Only EG didn't understand and thought Titus was being mean and got all poofy tail on him. It wasn't pretty. EG got a time out.

5. EG chased Tazo all over the house and made her scream. He got a time out.

6. Mom was doing the head check before heading to work. Only she couldn't find me and Tazo. She was calling us and calling us and begging us to show her a paw or a tail or a whiskie. But we didn't. So she had to look under all the furniture. She finally found me under the couch and Tazo was under the cedar chest. She was kinda late for work. Again. heh heh

7. I, EG, put the bitey on Titus' ear. His ear is fine, by the way. It was just a gentle bitey. That ended up being hurty. heh heh

8. After Tazo put her paw in Dad's plate, he willingly shared his spaghetti with us, while Mom wasn't looking.

9. There was a possum in the driveway and it was having a staredown with Titus. Mom ran out and grabbed Titus and while she was wrangling him into the house, EG ran outside. Mom shoved Titus into the house and then went to get EG. It was dark, he was hiding his white feets, and Mom was askeered. She finally found him on the patio and grabbed him and ran back inside. She was super glad that the possum was on the other side of the fence. It was very exciting, I mean, askeery.

10. Dad cleaned out under the couch again and found 4 jingle balls, 14 practice golf balls, $1.73, a catnip eggplant, and the catnip cigar.

11. We do not agree with the time change. At all. On Sunday, we wanted to eat dinner at 4:00. Mom held us off until 4:45, but we squawked and RAWR-ed at her the whole time.

12. We have all been sleeping in bed with Mom and Dad. Me and Tazo earthworm under the covers and Titus sleeps on top of the covers. Either way, Mom and Dad can't move without waking us up. And they don't really want to wake us up because then we don't really want to go back to sleep. Because any time after 2:30 am is PLAY TIME. And we can play for HOURS. Whee!

13. We had the best game of Thundering Herd of Elephants last night. Even Mom played with us. It was super fun. Until we started weaving around between her feets and she almost tripped. She stopped playing after that. heh heh


  1. Wow! You three have been having lots of fun at your house. It is a lot more boring where I live.

  2. what a top move Titus made on the Pizza! :)

    My meowmie visibly shudders when she reads the word e****worm - she has SUCH a bad phobia abou them - silly woman isn't she? x

  3. See I got nailed in the head with Meowmy's shin when I thought she was playing thundering herd of elephants. She wasn't, didn't see me, and slammed into my little skull. It hurt.

    Stupid Meomwy installed a super secret homing device in me and Kaze. She calls our names and we HAVE to come running. No matter what. I wish I could have that removed.


  4. Hee, it sounds like your house is a lot of fun! Ours is, too. With four Ballicai, there's never a dull moment! *grin*

    Earl, handsome, you are adventurous like me -- I love to see what all I can get into! I haven't run outside -- Mao is more of a door darter than me -- but I'm glad your Mom found you and got you in, away from the skeery possum!

    Love and cuddles and whiskie-kisses from Dorydoo!

  5. Ooohhh Thundering Heard of Elephants is our favorite game! We even play with the dog for extra noise effect.

  6. Nice Thursday Post! I love Thursdays, the kids are in bed 7:30, then Earl, the Office, Greys, and ER are on! Can you say no laundry , and take out for dinner on Thursdays?????????

    Hope you have a great TT, stop by my blog if you can!


  7. Wow! You guys sure make a lot of trouble for only being 12 paws. We're impressed. And an unattended pizza box is just an open invite in our humble opinion. And we also hate the time change. We totally expect Maw to be up and doing our litter boxes and feeding us at OUR regular time, not the stoopid clock time.

    Luf, Us


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