Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Recap

We had a pretty quiet night last night. We didn't end up getting locked in the litterbox room. We only had 13 sticky things come to the door to steal Momma's chocolate trick or treating, so Daddy handed out the candy and Momma wrangled EG. (She's got some good scratches on her chest and arms this morning - hee hee). Titus got pets from all but one sticky thing.

Here are some pictures from our night:

EG is trying to look super manly.

Titus got dressed up for Halloween, too. He's wearing a askeery bat collar.

I am not too sure about this Halloween stuff. This is a picture of me that Momma snapped on my brief excursion out from under the bed. (I went right back under there after this was taken.)

Now this fine individual lives on the next block. Momma and Daddy call her (and we don't even know if it's a *her*) "Hairy Tazo." About a year ago, Momma was driving down our street and saw this kitty a block away from our house and she thought it was Tazo. So she stopped the car and jumped out and started to run after her. But then she realized that it wasn't Tazo. When she told Daddy about it, he said that he had also seen that kitty and thought it was Tazo, too. Anyway, she followed her kids up the street while they were trick or treating. Momma was kinda mad at the kids for not putting her in the house, especially on Halloween. But they didn't stop at our house, so Momma couldn't talk to them. Instead, she and Daddy told Hairy Tazo to head on home. She stayed around for a little bit to tease Titus and EG, but then she headed home.

Congratulations to all the winners of Skeezix's Halloween Costume Contest!


  1. It's important to stay in at Halloween so no goblins eat you! I hope Hairy Tazo got home safe... :)

  2. I am glad to hear there weren't too many little sticky things to disturb you guys. Our doorbell rang about 6 times last night. I don't like it when it rings, because it hurts my ears.

  3. Kitties should stay in on Halloween. Some humans do mean things to kitties on that day if they go out!

  4. Hahahaha! "Hairy Tazo!" Your mom must have been very surprised when she saw that kitty down the street and thought it was the Real Tazo.

    We only had TWO trick or treaters at our house. And now we have many pounds of candy. And Mommie is eating it all up. I do not think this will be good for her diet.

  5. What is with the lack of trick or treaters? We ended up with more teenagers without costumes than anything else. We don't get it. We weren't askeered though, just curious.


  6. We don't get any trick or treaters, which Mom says is a good thing because MaoMao is something of a door darter, and if we got trick or treaters, he'd have to stay in the bedroom! And he wouldn't be happy about that.

    Oh, EARL... you look so handsome that I'm getting the vapors! HEE!

    Love and cuddles and whiskie kisses from Dorydoo.

  7. Oooooooh- da ghosteez were on da prowel last night but Franken-Max scairt 'em off!!! So we dashed out to roll pump-da-kinz down da hill to da mean neigh-borz house. We waz furry naughty!

    -Dr Tweety

  8. We don't celebrate any, but I love reading your articles~!
    I am happy you have a safe night~!

    Happy Halloween and happy good weekend to you.


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