Monday, November 26, 2007

Friday Recap & Sweet Kallie

Thanksgiving was ok. Momma and Daddy went to Gramma and Papa’s house, so there was a lack of cuddling on Thursday. But Gramma did send us some leftover turkey, so it was ok. Oh, and I ate part of the pumpkin pie that Daddy made. He left it in the oven with the door open to cool off. He heard a funny noise coming from the kitchen. When he went in there, he saw me standing on the oven door (which was only cracked a little bit), snacking on the pie. It was yummy!

Momma was off on Friday, which we took to mean lots and lots of cuddling. We were wrong. Ever so wrong.

On Thursday night, the PTU’s came out. They sat in the hallway all night. Me and EG played in them a little bit and then I took a nap on the fuzzy blankie in mine.

Friday morning we cuddled and cuddled with Momma. She got up and started digging for gold in the litterboxes. Which she does every morning, but this morning she was mumbling something about “samples“. Unfortunately, she didn’t find any gold. Heh heh And she didn’t find any “samples,” as she called them, either.

Pretty soon, Daddy picked me up and put me in one of the PTUs. He didn’t get it zipped up in time, so I ran out and ran under the bed. Momma played the old, open-the-food-container trick and I ran right out. I did get a small snack out of it. Daddy put me back in the PTU and Momma sprinkled a couple pieces of kibble in there, and Daddy zipped it right up. Then he picked up EG and put him in the PTU. Only EG hates the PTU and went all rubbery. Daddy tried to put him in the PTU and he hopped right out. After four tries, Daddy held EG’s body and Momma held his legs and they got him in there and zipped him up.

Then we got in the car. It was ok. EG cried a little bit, but not too much. Then we got to a place that I hadn’t been to in a long, long time. It was the V-E-T’s office. Grrrr. Momma signed us in and filled out some paperwork. Then Jennifer, the really nice receptionist, said that they had three emergencies that day, so it would be a little bit before we could see Dr. P. Momma said that was ok - she and EG had been in for emergencies a couple of times and people had to wait for them.

We spent the time checking out some Westie dawgs - Annabelle and Mozart. They were ok, but kinda hyper. There was a Dalmatian that came out of one of the rooms. His mom told Momma that he bites. Momma got annoyed and asked if he was going to bite her or us kitties. The lady took him out to the car. While they were outside, Momma went on and on about how people need to keep their dawgs on a short leash, especially if they’re snippy to other people or pets. Daddy started to get embarrassed. Then Daddy, who was looking out the window, said, “Oh, no. They’re carrying in a big dawg. I think it might be another emergency.” There was a lady carrying in a big, black dawg. Momma jumped up and grabbed the door for her. As soon as they got in the door, the lady put the dawg down. She said that he hated going to the V-E-T and refused to get out of the car, so they had to carry him inside every time. Momma giggled a little. His name was Moose and he was really askeered. He was shaking and shaking and trying to get outside. Daddy went over to pet him because he looked just like Titus, only black. Then Daddy went into the adoption room because there was a cat in there named Lucky. Jennifer, the really nice receptionist, said that he was really lovey and cool. Daddy picked him up and cuddled him and wanted to bring him home. Momma said that Titus wouldn’t like that very much. And he was a Maine Coon. And we’re a little askeered of those Maine Coons after the way they took over the Top 100 Cat Sites.

Finally, we got taken into another room. This lady pulled EG out of the PTU and put him on the scale. He weighed 10 lbs, 12 oz. Momma was soooo happy that he finally gained the weight back that he‘d lost last spring. Then the lady pulled me out of the PTU and put me on the scale. I weighed 11 lbs, 1 oz. Daddy giggled. Momma told him not to tease me. The lady double checked what we were there for and then said the doctor would be in soon.

Dr. P came in and EG was hiding behind Daddy’s coat. Daddy picked him up and put him on the table and Dr. P said he looked really good. She asked how he was doing and was surprised to hear that he was the bully of our house. She giggled and said that it was good to see him feeling 100%. She looked at his eyes and ears and teeths and said he had great looking chompers. She said that he was a good weight and that he looked very healthy and his heart sounded great. Then she took him in the back. I don’t know what happened back there, so I’ll let him tell you.

So Dr. P took me in the back. I didn’t get anything stuck in my spot #13 - I was glad because I had that done before and it sucks. But she stuck a giant needle in my shoulder and then again in my booty and it sucked. Then she stuck a gianter needle between my shoulders and shoved a homing device in there. It sucked. Then she brought me back in the room with Dad and Tazo and That Woman. I gave them the stink eye, but it didn’t matter to them at all. I told Tazo to run - run fast and run far, but she was too askeered and just sat there.

So Dr P, looked in my ears and eyes and at my teeths (which she said were as nice as EG’s). Momma asked if I was c-h-u-b-b-y (which I don’t know what that spells), and Dr. P said that I was a little. She poked at my sides and said that she could feel my ribs, so Momma should just keep an eye on my and try to really control my snacks. What snacks?! I never, NEVER, get snacks. Only what I steal off Daddy’s plate,well, and that pumpkin pie but that shouldn’t count. Grrrrr. Then she told Momma and Daddy that the results for the blood tests for leukemia and FIV would take about 10 minutes and if that came back ok, then I’d get my shots and microchip. What?!

So she took me in the back room and there was this dawg back there hollering and hollering. I’m not used to that, so I tried to ignore it. It just made me askeered. This lady held me on her lap and STOLED MY BLOODS. Out of my leg!!! And I hated it. It hurted and it messed up my furs. Then Dr. P stuck a giant needle between my shoulders and shoved a microchip in there. It hurted. But I didn’t cry because I didn’t want that whiney dawg to hear me. Because I’m way braver than a whiney dawg.

Then the lady took me back in the room with EG and Daddy and Momma. She told Momma that I was a really good girl in the back. She said that I just sat on her lap and let her STEAL MY BLOODS. She handed me over to Momma and I was never so glad to see her in my life. Momma stood there and held me and walked me around the room until Dr. P came back in. Dr P said that the bloods that they STOLED from me were negative - whatever - so I could have my shots. My what?! Then Momma sat on the bench and let Dr. P stick ginormous needles in my shoulder and booty. It was horrifying. But I was good and just let them do it. I figured the sooner they were done, the sooner we could go home.

Another lady came in there with a bag of stuff. She scanned our microchips to show Momma and Daddy how they worked. Then she said that our homing devicesmicrochips paperwork was in there - along with our flea drops. What?! Apparently someone blabbed about Titus bringing in that flea on his head that time, so Momma got more flea drops. I hate flea drops.

Finally, we checked out and Momma paid about a squillion dollars and we got to leave. We dropped Daddy off at work and Momma took us home. She opened up the PTU’s and we jumped right out. Titus came over and sniffed and sniffed and sniffed us. Then we took long baths to try to get the V-E-T germs off of us. Then we all laid on the couch and watched TV and took naps. Whew! It was a long afternoon. We’re glad it’s over.

In other news, Kallie, sister of our grate friends Jeter Harris, Matsui, & Mickey Mantle, went to the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday. We're sending lots of hugs and purrs to them. Rest in peace, sweet Kallie.


  1. EG this is a very nice picture of you.

    We are glad that you survived the vet place... **shivers**

    We are very sad for JH and his family. It is so hard to say goodbye

  2. Wow, that was quite the trip to the vet's! I'm glad that everything was okay. I had a microchip implanted in my shoulder muscle when I was just a little kitten, the day before I was picked up and brought to my Forever Home.

    Tazo, I am smiling at you eating the pumpkin pie! Nice job. :)

    It is sad that Kallie went to the Bridge. :(

  3. Wow! You are two brave kitties to suffer through a visit to the V-E-T with such fortitude! You make all of us kitties look good, not whining and complaining like that doggie.

    How sad that Kallie went to the Rainbow Bridge. Purrs and headbutts to her family.

  4. Tazo, you are our hero helping yourself to pumpkin pie. Sorry about the vet visit.

    It is very sad about Kallie.

  5. What a horrifying experience. We hate the V-E-T too and we have to yell the whole time in the PTU. Trixie has a micro-chip in her shoulder too but Bouncey and I are too old to get out and get lost.

    Your friend,

  6. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! I will add you to my list of friends. :)
    Sorry to hear about your friend Kallie.

    Love Clover xo

  7. You ated pie right out of the oven? Way to go!

    The experience at the vet's sounds very terrible. That is a lot of torture to go through. My Mommie wants to get me a microchip. Probably the next time I have to go there for something else I will get one. ::shivers::

    I was sad to learn the news about Kallie, too.

  8. Now noones can steal you two away. My microchip didn't hurt me - I was only a wee baby at 8 weeks old.

  9. It sounds like you had an even more difficult vet trip than I did. Although you didn't poo on the helper people when they stole your blood. Hehe, I made the Woman take me and Latte alone this time. Hehe, I gave her a run for her money. Glad you're all healthy! And yeah, those squillions add up don't they? I think the Woman almost passed out when she handed over that plastic "pay later" thing.


  10. Oh no, not the V-E-T! Mommy keeps threatening to get us microchipped but then she forgets to remind Aunt Susie to bring the microchips home to do it. We saw the needle though and its big! We hope she keeps forgetting....

  11. what an exciting trip to the vets and you met so many NOMS too! my meowmie spends squillions at the vet place too - the vet is the reason why she is not here during the day - she has to go out and earn his wages! ") xxx

  12. It sounds like you were very brave at the V-E-T-S office. I am not very brave when I visit the v-e-t. I cry the whole 3 minute drive in the car and then I hide my head under my Mum's shirt when I am taken out of the PTU AND then never say they can feel my ribs, they are actually rather rude and tell my Mum I need to go on a diet. Hmph!

  13. Wowzer .... cats seem to have it a lot harder than rabbits. What a trip to the vet .... glad you are home safe and sound. Ciao ...

  14. Wow, what a visit. That lady with the big bitey dog needs manners. Love the bit about the pie and we are sorry about Kallie.
    Loved the blog.

    Roxy & Lucky

  15. Whew!! Glad you survived the Vet trip!And homing devices so you can always find yer way home ;)

  16. That was a heck of a weekend, but we're glad your trip to the vet went well. We're all chipped and we're glad - it makes mommy feel better.

    We're sorry about you friend Kallie, it's never a good time for any kitty to go over the bridge.

  17. Wow, what a day at the Vet. So glad you are all in great shape. We are so sorry about Kallie, too.
    Your FL furiends,

  18. Whew, that was a loooong visit at the v-e-t! I giggled when I read 'bout the woofie bein' a scardy cat!

  19. You are very very brave to go to the vet~!
    I reading every detail and smiling a lot, that is very exciting to make you into the PTU also need to have lots of energy~! Your mommy and daddy really need to work together~! And I am so happy the VET result is good :)

    Also very sorry for Mickeybear's family :(

  20. Oh, Earl and Tazo! How very brave you both were at the v.e.t. You two did great, and I'm glad everything went well, even if some things like those (ouch) shots sucked. I don't like the PTU either. Whenever I've got to travel in it I SQUEEK and SQUEEK and SQUEEK!

    Love to you both, and whiskie-kisses and googly eyes to handsome Earl!

  21. YIPES! PTUs and the v.e.t. and needles and stuff -- none of that stuffies is fun, but we Ballicai are glad you hadded a good checkup.

    We are so sad about Kallie, too. What a beeyootiful gurl. I know she is so furry missed.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  22. Taz, thank heavens you and EG survived such a terrible ordeal. I went to the doctor recently, but they didn't steal my blood, they just shot me.

    Your friend

  23. Ooh you brave kitties! :) At least you gotted away from the VET without having to wear a conehead... I'z going back there tomorrow evening to hopefully shed d'conehead and watch Tigmut'hep get his shots! :) Well I deserve a reward after spending nearly 10 days with a silly cone on my head! ;)

  24. Ugh. Shudder. Awful v.e.t. place. My last teef asperience wuz enuf fur a lifetime. Shots bad. Once is enuf. Don't let dem take yoo back dare for any more. Microchipping good.

  25. OMDawg! Wat torchurs! We're glad you survived to tell another tail...

    Luf, Us

  26. This. Was. A. Horrible. Story. How scary! I'm glad you two are healthy though. Ugh, I don't like going to the V.E.T. very much at all!


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