Friday, November 9, 2007

Aw Phooey, Friday

So our Friday post this week posed some problems for Mom.

Frootbat Friday
First, Titus refused to be a frootbat. He just wasn't feeling it this week. Despite her repeated attempts to make him cooperate, he just wouldn't. He quickly grew weary of her poking at his ears and saying, "Be a frootbat, be a frootbat, be a frootbat..." in an irritating singsong voice. Personally, I would've put the bitey on her.

This is the best frootbat picture she got.

Luxurious Furs Friday
Much like my hoo-has, my luxurious winter furs have just mysteriously appeared this week. Mom tried to photograph them. Ah, no. Notice the evil glare.
You can sort of see them by my right back foot. But that's the best she's gonna do. heh heh

And last but not least - the grasping at straws post: Female Friday
Nope, Tazo wasn't cooperating either. Hahahahahahaha!

Happy Friday to everyone!


  1. I guess you three weren't in a cooperative mood! Oh well, you are still all very cute.

  2. Sometimes you have to say NO to the flashy box unless there is something in to for you. I think EG's fluff is really cool!


  3. Sometimes humans just need to be put into their place. If we do not want our pictures taken, we just don't want them taken and we are not going to pose so there! Hmph! Demand treats before givng in, that si what we always say!

  4. I have found that sometimes my ears like to stick up and be frootbatty, and sometimes they do not. Titus, they are your ears so you can pull them back if you wants to!

  5. Heh heh. Titus has that ES&D look. Way to go Titus!

    Luf, Us

  6. You all have every right to be uncooperative today. I am a little grumpy myself, because Momma hasn't been giving me (and Coco) enough attention this week.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  7. We demand the treats - first! then we'll 'think' about cooperating, ha, ha. We like your pictures anyway.

    Moe & Mindy

  8. Uncooperative Friday - we is down with that!

  9. Sometimes we don't feel like being photogenic - Mom just doesn't get it!

  10. Sometimes you just gotta show momma that the flashy camera is just too annoying!!

    ~Donny, Marie, Casey


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