Wednesday, November 28, 2007

White Feets Wednesday

I guilted That Woman into taking some pictures. But notice that I'm not looking at her. Serves her right. Unfortunately, all the pictures are terrible. You should see them. They're almost painful to look at. Hmmm, I'm sensing a T13 post...

Anyway, to explain the picture - we got a new space heater. And my new favorite place to nap is right in front of it. I also learned a fun new trick - I get so close to it that That Woman shrieks and carries on because she thinks I'm going to burn my whiskies. heh heh That's what she gets for letting the V-E-T stick needles in my booty and shove a homing device under my skin.

Oh, AND this morning, she didn't rinse out the water bowl like she usually does. She only *added* water to it. I sat there glaring at the bowl, but she still didn't rinse it. The rinsing is the most important part. Because I hate drinking after Titus. He gets his drool all in the bowl. And I don't do dawg drool. Who out there has a claw of doom and is willing to use it on That Woman? Or at least teach me your secret? Sammy? Miles?

PS - To the owner of the claw of doom, it appears that you'll have to take care of business yourself. To add insult to injury, last night was mani/pedi night. Can this week get any worse?


  1. A space heater sounds wonderful! Cute white paws, EG. Sorry to hear you had your claws clipped. I sympathize. Mine get done twice a week. Don't worry about that homing device though - I've had mine for over a year, and I don't even notice it!

  2. Poor EG! If you need a break from all the trauma at home, feel free to teleport over and visit with us. We dug out some more toys from our hidey hole, so we have plenty of nip, mousies, and jingly balls to go around.

    The sapce heater sounds like a great place to nap. I've claimed mommy's electric blankie as my special spot.

  3. You look like our friend Alice! She is the same color as you and she lives at the barn where our horse lives. Alice sleeps in front of the heat dish all day long. That heat dish is the BESTEST space heater ever. Its the only heater at the barn and its on its 3rd year.


  4. I am not very good at the Claw of Doom, but I will help you give the Bitey. I am good at that!

  5. Space heaters are nice to curl up next to but beans worry way too much. We are not about to let our whiskers get burnt off.

    The Claw of Doom sounds scarity.

  6. Ooooh that heeter looks very nice, hot and blowie too.

    Your white feets are beautific!

  7. Dawg drool is nasty! I forced my humans to buy me a kitty water fountain and place it on the counter where Samwise and Beau cannot get to it. I still have to share it with Dante but no dog germs!!

    -Captain Jack

  8. Ohhhh, space heaters! I love them. I would love to cuddle in front of the space heater with you, Earl! *googly eyes!*

    We sure have a lot in common! My Mom carries on and fusses that I sleep so close to our heater, too. But I LOVE the heater. I love soaking the warmth up into my black furs!

    I'll be right over, handsome!

    Love and cuddles and lots and lots of whiskie kisses,


  9. Oh Earl Grey, you should definately call the cat abuse hotline, just how much must you put up with from THAT WOMAN! Sheesh!

    My Mum sometimes does the add the water thing too, sometimes beans can be unbearable!

  10. Oy! We luf laying in front of our space heater. But it's not one of those wonderful types like you got that is in the front of Costco and makes the whole front door area feel warm & toasty. Nope. Ours is just regular.

    Luf, Us

  11. EG,

    It's furry important to not look at momeez when dey are not takin' da pix dat dey should. I yam followin' da same path today my frend. I tink eventually dis face strike will work. BTW: dat iz a nice port-a-bull fire-place ting you have.

    -DR Tweety

  12. Space heater!! Heat!!!!! Nice!
    Tell me about the water bowl! I like fresh water!!!! I don't like sisfur spit!! :(
    Enjoy the heater.


  13. Those are nice white toesies.
    That space heater looks good too. Our mum carries on when I sleep to close to the woodburner. She sez "Eric, one day yer going to boil yer brains!"

  14. I am on my way over wif my claw of doom right now!!!!! - Miles

  15. Oooh, a space heater! I LOVE those things! My mom always tells me I'm hogging her heat when she turns ours on. Really, how can that possibly be?

  16. Today, My T13 post have you~! Because you are a beautiful Gary Tuxedo~! Please come and look~!!

    I have a heater fan as well~! Because today we are really really cold in here~!!!
    Have fun~!

  17. Earl Grey, you have very handsome white feet! Dorydoo thinks you're the Cat's Meow *smile*. And space heaters are nice -- Dorydoo and Mao are especially fond of ours!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  18. Oh yes it can... I'z still gotta wear the conehead and the stand in VET was stupid! :(

    check it out! I bet you can use it!

  20. I can gets Shadow to help you with the claw of doom, he's got HUGE paws and his whap can be heard for like a gazillion miles!

  21. A space heater! Our space heaters are attached to the bottom of our walls.


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