Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 19

In honor of his birfday yesterday, we decided to do our TT this week on our Dad.

Thirteen Things About Our Dad
by The Furry Kids

1. He gives the best belly rubs. Ever.

2. He is very good to cuddle with.

3. He stays home with us in the mornings, so we all get to sleep in. Except for Momma. Hee hee!

4. He does not measure out kibble as accurately as Mom.

5. He wears glasses that are super fun to chew on.

6. He drops food on the floor and is slow to pick it up. This gives us a chance to run over and have a taste.

7. He has speckley hair like Tazo - only Momma calls this "salt and pepper." We're not sure why she says this because his hair does not taste like salt OR pepper.

8. When EG runs outside (which he's not supposed to do), Dad picks him up, but takes his time bringing him back in the house because he knows how much EG loves to be outside.

9. He is very strong and can carry large bags of kibble and Swheat Scoop with ease.

10. He loves to take Titus on long walks through the neighborhood. He calls this "Man Time" and there are no Mommas allowed.

11. He's super good at playing RAWR with Titus.

12. He can sleep through the loudest game of Thundering Herd of Elephants.

13. He stays up late with us. This is our very own special time with Daddy. We cuddle and get tummy rubs and watch TV.


  1. Happy Belated Purrfday to your Dad! He sounds wonderful!!

    Luf, Us

  2. Happy birthday to him! He sounds a lot like the Awesome Man, he's always up late and he gives the best tummy rubs.


  3. What a grate Dad you all have!
    He is nice to spend Man Time with Titus :)

    Happy (belated) Birthday to your DAD!

    ~ Gracie

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad!! And that is a wonderful T13 about him! He sound like great guy and you can tell he loves you guys very much.
    Your FL furiends,

  5. Your dad sounds very very wonderful! Except, I do not think you should chew on his glasses. I chewed on my Mommie's glasses, and I got in trouble.

  6. Dear Titus and Furry kids,
    First, I would like to wish your dad a very happy belated birthday. He sounds like a heck- of-a nice guy!
    Next, Titus ... as you and I are both "Whitesters" we're a perfect match for the NMSS Friend challenge. I will have to check with Karl and Anastasia because other cats have asked you first!


    You have a really great daddie!

    purrrs, Princess

  8. Happy birthday to your daddy! He sure sounds very strong and pawesome!

    ~Donny and Marie

  9. Happy birthday to your Daddy.
    He is a very good daddy~!!! I can see you are really love him~!!!

    Being with you taking care of you is so sweet~!

  10. He is slow to pick up the food!!! That is wonderful. My Lady is quick. Not good.

  11. Your Dad is great. It is wonderful that he spends Man Time with Titus. You are lucky that he is slow to pick up food. And, of course, cuddling time is the best.

  12. This is the sweetest Thirteen I've ever read your dad sounds like a wonderful dad :)

  13. ool Thuatday Thirteen. We loved it, specially the Cuddle part.

  14. Happy Belated Birthday to your Dad! Ain't Daddies the best?!?!


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