Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Dare on Wednesday

My other NOMSS Friend is Dragonheart. He's a sphynx cat, who lives in Germany with his Mom and Dad, who's in the Canadian military. He just had a birthday and is now officially a mancat. He's got a sweetheart named Stella.

We are both frootbats. I love that you can almost see right through his frootbat ears. (My ears are too thick and hairy to be all that see through.) We both like to go outside. DH goes strollering, and I go for a stroll. We both look very, very handsome in our blue harnesses.

DH is misunderstood a lot, because he doesn't have hair. I think that's a bunch of dookie. He's super cute and handsome and exceptionally regal. Plus, he's one of the nicest mancats I've ever met. He's a regular visitor to our blog and always has a kind word to say. And he would never put the bitey on me or sink his claws into my neck. Hear that, EG?

He's very photogenic and he shares lots of cat facts with us. We have learned so much about sphynx kitties from him.

He has lots of toys and he shares wonderful pictures of himself playing and also of neat things in Germany (and around Europe). He has very big muscles and is a great athlete. He's also a movie star. He has a unique talent of being able to pick stuff up with his paws. That's really impressive in my book. (I always thought you needed thumbs for that.) And guess what else! Just like me, he likes feather toys and warm laps.

He has these awesome windows at his house. And awesome sunspots as a result. Windows and sunspots to die for, I tell you. It's a great place to look outside and then to take a snooze (on your fire-breathing dragon Gizzy quilt) when you get sleepy.

I gotta tell you that every time Mom sees a picture of DH, she gasps and awwwwws. She wants to scoop him up and give him cuddles. I say, DH, only let her touch you in the summer time. Past about October, her hands get too darn chilly - even with fur.

It means a lot to me to be so warmly accepted into the cat blogosphere. I know that lots of kitties don't like dawgs (with good reason), but there really are some good dawgs out there. I'm grateful that DH recognized that I'm one of the good ones. Thank you, DH, and I hope you have a great day!

PS - Thank you, DH, for letting me post one of your bee-yoo-tee-ful pictures. :)


  1. Dragonheart shure am sheshul. He is a good pick. He takes such gorgeous picshures too duzn't he?

  2. I agree with you, Dragonheart is cute and pawesome and mancatly!


    PS. Hehe! I knew you wouldn't eat me! I'm not scared...I'm the Defender! ;)

  3. Dragonheart is definetely a good pick!

  4. Aww, thank you for such a wonderful post! :) You are a great NOMSS Friend, Titus, and a very nice woofie. :) My breeder had two woofies who were very nice, so I'm not afraid of them, the way some cats are. There are some mean woofies out there, but there are mean cats too.

    I am honoured and touched by your post! Thank you so much!

  5. That is a very lovely post~!!! Dragonheart is extremely beautiful handsome mancat now~!

  6. Titus, Dragonheart makes a super great NOMSS friend! You are a great woofie!

  7. How wonderful to actually have two nomss friends - both great cats and both quiet different! You are one lucky dog! And Mickey and DH - love that abbreviation! - are some lucky cats!
    Your friend Karl

  8. This is completely excellent. We love DH.

    Titus you are a cool dog!!

  9. Titus, good for you! Dragonheart is a wonderful NOMSS friend.

    ps: I ALWAYS knew you were one of the good dogs. The best dog!

  10. Titus - nice choice. I love DH too. For a woofie, you're pretty OK!

  11. Those are good choices Titus. Mickey and Dragonheart are great kitties. You're a great woofie. You always look very happy and nice. It is funny that you are white like Mickey and a fruitbat like Dragonheart!
    I'm glad you're a friend to kitties.

  12. That Dragonheart - he always looks so regal. He will be a great friend to you.


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