Friday, August 17, 2007

The Middle Name Meme - Part Two

EG: We're not going to post the rules because Mom's lazy.

Tazo: Earl Grey! I'm telling Momma! Mooooommmmmmm!

Anyway, here is our middle name meme. And I got tagged by Skeezix!

My name is Tazo Tea Gizmo and then I tack on Mom and Dad's last name. So my middle names are Tea and Gizmo:

T - Thundering Herd of Elephants - This is a very fun game. I play it every morning with my brothers.

E - Eater - Eating is a good thing. I am practicing to be a competitive eater - just like Titus. So far I have stolen a piece of pizza and a giant piece of steak. I have also managed to put my paws into at least one bowl of cereal a week. Hee hee!

A - Adorable - Momma says I'm adorable.

G - Grey - I have three, tiny, grey spots on the back of my neck. Momma thinks they are Great and gives me a smooch on them every day.

I - Ice Cream - We have just tried this stuff. It is very delicious. I could eat it every day.

Z - Zippy - I am very zippy when I am askeered. I zip right under the bed or under the couch.

M - More food and scritches, please

O - Optimistic - I am very optimistic that I will get some of Daddy's food. Every time he eats. I am usually wrong. But you never know, so I continue to try.

Earl Grey - My middle name is Phillip. Or Phillippe. If I'm in trouble, it's Phillip. If Mom's being silly, then it's the other one. Which I hate. I'm not French.

P - Paws - I have white paws with pinkish, grey paw pads. I think they are cool. And they go great with my grey tuxedo.

H - Harness - I haven't been practicing with my harness. It paralyzes me and then when it's done paralyzing me, then it steals my bones. Mom keeps telling me that it will get better and then I can go outside, which is fine. Except I overheard her talking to Dad about breaking down and getting a stroller. My plan (ditch the harness and get a stroller instead) is working. heh heh

I - Ice Cubes - I love to play with ice cubes. It is the best. Especially when I can flip them out of the water dish.

L - Lay - I like to lay on the couch with Dad and watch TV. Sometimes I lay between his legs and rest my head on his leg. It is very comfortable.

L - Lions - It is almost football season. My Dad is a huge Lions fan. Yes, we (The Furry Kids and our Mom) are embarrassed by this, but what can you do? I like to hang out on the couch with him while he watches the Lions lose play every Sunday.

I - Interesting - There are many interesting things outside. I think. At least, that's what Titus tells me. I think I would like it out there a lot.

P - Play - I like to play all sorts of stuff: Thundering Herd of Elephants, fishing for EGs, whapping Titus on the nose to name just a few.

(P) - Pretend - I pretend that I'm asleep sometimes when I think Mom might want to cuddle. She thinks I look so cute when I'm sleeping that she can't bring herself to wake me up. heh heh

(E) - Earthworming - My signature move. It is awesome. Burrow under the covers like an earthworm and slither around under there for a minute. Once your Mom or Dad lets their guard down, put the bitey on their leg. This usually makes them yell, "Ack! He's E-dubbing! Ouch! He bit me! No, Eggie, no!!" heh heh


  1. Rats. I came to tag Tazo for this meme and yoo alreddy did it!!!

  2. Stroller! Stroller! Stroller! Stroller! Stroller!

    You came up with some very good nose twins.

  3. We like that you are optimistic about getting food from your daddy. That's good.

    You guys did good on your Middle Name Meme. We kinda cut corners on ours.

    Luf, Us

  4. You two did fabulous on your middle name memes! And your word choices are purrfect! And I was *giggling* at "earthworming" -- that sounds like a lot of fun!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!


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