Monday, August 6, 2007

Harnesses Sort of Suck - Edition 1

Here, there is a little bit of struggling. Mom's persistent, though, and keeps telling me that once I'm used to my harness, I can go outside on the patio.

Paralysis sets in. I can not move at all with this thing on.

Mom's checking to make sure that it's not too tight around my neck. Since I'm paralyzed, she thinks maybe it's cutting off bloodflow to certain vital organs. It's not. *rolling eyes*

The paralysis is wearing off. However, boneless-ness is kicking in.

Here, I'm slinking around like a boneless kitten. I have made my legs very short so that I am very low to the ground. Mom says I sort of look like a ferret. At this point, I have managed to keep this thing on for about 53 seconds. The harness pictures stop here because Titus decided that it would be fun to chase me. Which freaked me out. So Mom suggested Dad drop the camera and grab Titus while she grabbed me and removed the Harness of Death.

I think he's "laffin' and laffin'" at me. Go eat a Clif bar, why don't ya? Grrrrr.

In case anyone's wondering, Tazo is really askeered of the harness. Mom hasn't even been able to put it over her head. She's voting for a stroller, even though Mom says we have to at least wear collars if we go strollering. Grrrr.


  1. learning and getting used to new stuff is always hard.

    Titus, be nice!! :-)

    Purrrs, Princess

  2. Oh Earl Gray! I am very sorry that you are not enjoying your Harness of Death. It looks very nice on you. If only you knew what fun you could have Outside, you might like it more.

  3. That stinks but maybe you'll still get used to it. Maybe if you put it on REALLY loose and work your way up? Its a lovely color for you and I'm sorry that Titus chased you.


  4. Awwww, hang in there! Maybe you'll get to like your harness bettur. I dunno what I'd do with a harness -- I'd prob'ly like to take a walk but then again a harness looks like it'd be fun to play with, too!

    Momma thanks you fur your sweet words of support on my bloggie about the feral kitties.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  5. Well, you have to get used to it, it will keep you safe~! But you are very good in wearing that~! Hope you will have a fun walking soon.

  6. Hang in there, guys. Think birdies, and bugs, and butterflies, and all kinds of other neat things to see outside!

  7. Man, that thing does look difficult to get around in. I have been wanting one...but maybe not.

  8. I pity the fool who'd try to put a harness on me. The only time anything remotely like that happened? I ran all around backwards trying to get out of it!

  9. I have also a harness. It was very hard in the beginning and I just lay down on the floor and wouldn't move a paw. But later on I learned to go on the leash and it is ok. Of course it is more fun to walk around free!
    I am back for bloging!

  10. Kavan still does that too, he is still getting used to it. But that is a lovely harness. Mom would put mine on me, then play with me with a feather toy. I would forget I had it on!


  11. Earl Grey, your harness looks very nice, but it can take time to get used to something new. With my first harness, I used to do the "slink low to the ground" thing too. Now I have a nice harness (the Puppia one, like yours) and it is much more comfortable. :) I love exploring our yard while wearing it. :)

  12. Hang in there, Earl Grey. Getting used to a harness takes some time. Once you get used to it, you can have lots of fun outside. Titus does look like he's laughing at you.

  13. We think harnesses are like strait jackets and we are not crazy.


  14. You write very well.


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