Monday, August 20, 2007

Marie Monday

This is my NOMSS Friend, Marie. She's a whitester, just like me. I decided to use the middle name meme form for my tribute to my NOMSS buddy.

M - Mr. Pigeon - She and Donny have a birdie friend named Mr. Pigeon. They like to visit with him through the window. I would like to have a birdie friend, too, but my mom says I can't because of my eating issues.

A - Albertanian - I made this word up, I think. They live way up north in Canada, which is a very, very bee-yoo-tee-ful country.

R - Rasslin' - She like to rassle with her brother, Donny. And she's super good at it - she's the Defender, you know.

I - Intelligent - She's super smart and cool.

E - Eater - I hear she enjoys a good meal, but I don't think she's taken up indiscriminant competitive eating yet. I think I might need to take her under my wing.

T - Twin - She has a twin brother. And I think they're identical. They look pretty identical to me.

H - Hissy - I hear she can get hissy, but I find this very hard to believe. She's a sweet girlcat and I don't think she has a hissy bone in her body.

E - Easy Going - Just like me! Maybe it's a whitester thang...

D - Dainty - She is a very dainty girlcat, but she can be a super, tough chick when she needs to be.

E - Elegant - 'nuff said.

F - Friendly - She's super friendly. She visits lots of bloggies and leaves nice comments.

E - Extremely fashionable - There's this groovy picture of her on her bloggie wearing Anastasia's pink wig. It's very becoming on her. Not everykitty could pull off that look.

N - Napping - She likes to nap on the bed (just like me).

D - Dauntless - She is fearless. I don't think this girl is afraid of anything.

E - Empire - She's got a whole empire. And she defends it. I'm super glad she's on my side.

R - Rockin' - I think my NOMSS Friend, Marie, just plain rocks.


  1. What a great idea to combine two fun things! Marie is a really cool cat and I think you two are perfect NOMSS!

    (Missed you all!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. I think it is a whitester thing.

    we love Marie. She is ultra cool

  3. What a great tribute to Marie! She makes the perfect NOMSS pal for you, Titus.

    My Mommie said that the mesh on the stroller is very very strong and tough. A cat would not be able to claw through it (unless they had a knife, and I am Not Allowed to carry a knife with me). We got the Pet Gear AT3 (same as Kimo & Sabi). But the original cheap-o stroller we got was not safe and had big openings where the fabric met the frame where a cat could ESCAPE!

  4. Marie is the best! She was a great choice for you!

  5. Hello again!
    Thanks for teleporting over to my place on the week end! It was SOOOOO much FUN!! Remember us singing on my roof?

  6. That would be a mouthful of a middle name! Wow!

  7. thanks for a fun MeMe :)
    your NOMSS friend is very pretty indeed.

  8. Marie is very very beautiful, so glad you found your NOMSS friend~!!!

  9. Thank you Titus!!! This is a very sweet tribute...I will always treasure it, and your wonderful furriendship!

    ~Marie, your NOMSS furriend always

  10. How fun Titus! Your NOMSS is beautiful and I love your meme.


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