Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 20

Here is a list of thirteen google search results that make people stumble across our bloggie:

1. earl gray cat pictures (of course)

2. furry blogging (again, of course)

3. fur friday furry (yep)

4. earl grey the cat (they even spelled "grey" right)

5. furry tail poem (betcha they were surprised to get the ode to Tazo's tail - hee hee)

6. froot bat

7. furry mommas (heh heh - our mom's not all that furry)

8. make a tazo toy (this askeers me a little)

9. 'tocks (one of our favorite subjects)

10. cool gray seven (what?)

11. gray wild cats (Hey! I resemble that remark!)

12. cats - poochy stomach (Hey!)

13. happy bitey (That's more like it!)


  1. Isn't it weird to see why people come to your blog? Those are all very interesting!


  2. Poochy Stomach..that's pretty funny, Tazo!

  3. I like seeing funny search phrases. I am a little nervous about the Tazo toy one, too.

    Here is one I got just today:
    "Curly Cat Games"

    I would like to play that!

  4. Poochy stomachs? That is mean!

  5. the furry mommas one is a litle unnerving - i hope they have safe search switched on!

  6. Furry interesting! Hey how do yoo find owt what dose werds people are searching for on yur site?

  7. Humans sure search for some weird things at times! Some of those, as you said, make sense, but others are very strange.


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