Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 17

Thirteen Things You May or May Not Know About Us

1. We’ll be two on 7/31.

2. We are littermates. There were three of us in the litter but our other sibling went to the Bridge. Momma (who never, ever had a cat before), couldn’t bear the thought of separating us and took us both.

3. Our Mommy Kitty’s name was Buttons. She was a teenage mother. She was grey like Earl Grey, with lots and lots of little, skinny, black stripes. Momma was very tempted to take her home with us, too.

4. Titus liked us from the moment he saw us. He was even protective of us when Shadow (our dawg sister who went to the Bridge last year) tried to chomp us.

5. Shadow didn’t like us at all, so Momma and Daddy had to keep us separate from the dawgs.

6. When we were baby kitties, I was the adventurous and curious one and Earl Grey was really skittish. Now it’s the other way around.

7. Earl Grey has a knot in his tail from when it got slammed in a door when we were little baby kitties. Every time he goes to the V-E-T, someone there comments on how big the knot is.

8. EG has yellow eyes and mine are yellowish green.

9. I have three little grey dots on the back of my neck that Momma always likes to smooch on.

10. We both have white whiskers around our mouths, but EG’s eyebrow whiskers are grey and mine are white.

11. EG’s nose is grey and mine is grey-ish pink. Our paw pads are all the same color - greyish pink (the same as my nose).

12. If Momma puckers up her lips, I give her a kiss. If she puckers up her lips at EG, he backs away. He does not like kisses. At all. He doesn't even fall for her fruity-flavored chapstick trick.

13. When we sleep with Momma and Daddy, we sleep on their legs (usually Momma’s) or laying next to their legs. We never sleep up by their heads or near their pillows. Even though Momma asks us to.


  1. TWO! Yoo guyz is gonna be two...We'z acited. Ya know, when da one dat came before got here der were two woofies, a big woofie (who belonged to moms nefew) and a little woofie and da little woofie was da one who protekted her. Not dat da big woofie effur hurt her but da little woofie thawt he mite.

  2. That's a really great list.

    Thank you for all the purrs, woofs, hugs and purrayers for Dorf. He is taking to the feedings fairly well, and it's much easier than trying to get him to eat after the first 2 dental surgeries.

    Luf, Us

  3. Those are some fun facts about you. I am glad that Titus is so nice to you. I can tell he is a Good Dog. Because of how pretty his pink ears are.

    You should try sleeping on your mom's head. If you drape yourself across her neck, you can even make her strangle a little bit.

  4. You have a nice list! It is nice how you share it, too. (I don't like to share my blog so much)
    I do not give kisses to the beans, (unless wiping my nose on my Tall Man counts as a kiss), but Chloe is always getting kisses!

  5. Just make sure to not boobwalk if you ever decide to sleep up by the heads. SheBeans don't like da boobwalking. Or bladderwalking, either.

  6. Great Thirteen I like getting to know more about you two :)

  7. That is so sweet you kiss your momma's lips, you guys are so understanding~!

    You birthday will be in very soon, I can't wait to see your birthday post~!

  8. Almost two! You're still so young. We can't believe you're your mom's first kitties, but we're glad she finally saw the light.

    Re #13 - Our mom is the same way, but I prefer down at the legs or feet.


  9. Wow, I feel like I know you better. My brother has one black whisker right above his right eye. My Lady and I think it is weird.

  10. Grrreat post. Kona and Bailey want Titus to check out what they did on My bloggie. (They say Hi, too!)

    Purrrs to the Furrrs,


  11. Gurreat list, we learned a lot about you!!

    ~DOnny and Marie

  12. I really enjoyed learning some new things about you. Your birthday is the same as my Mom's, but she is a lot older. Grin. I'm glad that Titus liked you both right away.

  13. I enjoyed learning more about the two of you. :) So you are almost two - wow! Tazo, that is very sweet that you give your mom kisses. :)


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