Monday, July 9, 2007

Mulberry Monday

I've been practicing my indiscriminate competitive eating this weekend. We have a mulberry tree in the back yard and I've been spending lots of time out there. More than Mom realized. Let's just say that mulberries apparently have a lot of um, fiber. In the words of my life coach, Jeter Harris, DUHR.

Don't you think the dark purple mulberry stains set off my furs nicely?

no barz... no barz... no barz... no barz... no barz... no barz...


  1. You have spots!! Cool. I've never tried a berry so I wouldn't really know but I bet you'll set a new fashion trend.


  2. Hey, can you play "Here we go round the Mulberry bush"??? I never ated a mulberry before. I would like to try eating some until I got pretty purple lips.

    You look like you got a mulberry tattoo!

  3. Uh oh - you do have more colors than usual! I had better stay away from mulberries too since I have a lot of white fur!

    Tazo, there's a special pink ribbon for you on our blog, because I've nominated you as a Rockin' Girl Blogger!

    Purrrrs, Willow

  4. OOoooooh the gramma in Michigan has a mulberry tree in her yard... mommie went there and ate them right from the tree... she couldn't help it! so she knows how Titus feels. willpower is a difficult thing!

    Happy Day.
    Don't get a tummy ache Titus


  5. Mulberry looks pretty on your white fur, Titus. I hope you are over your fiber overdose now.

  6. yup, mulberries is furry purply. we never get any, but mom an' dad get their car-machines decorated by birdies who eat them!! an' they stay purple until the end!!

  7. Titus, I'm glad those were just stains, they looked like owies!

    Sorry your tummy is hurty.


  8. I've never seen a Mulberry! Do they taste good. I'm glad those are only stains on your fur, and not boo-boos!

  9. Cool! You're turning purple!

  10. I hope you are not gonna have a tummy explosion! I think that would be kinda bad (and blue)!


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