Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I got nominated by Willow and Bathsheba. Sweet! I feel like a rockstar.

Now to nominate 5 other rockin' chicks...

*Ayla: because she just plain rocks. She always seems grumpy, but I don't think she really is all that grumpy. Plus, she likes cheese and I do, too.

*China the Dawg: because we just started reading her bloggie and she seems like a cool dawg (and Titus has a little crush on her)

*Skittles: because she teaches us yoga and serves great snacks after class

*Tipper and Misty: because they're part of The Crew and we think the crew rocks!!! (Plus, Earl Grey thinks they're cute because they're grey and white like him)

Now, you Rockin' Girls can have fun with this and pick 5 more!


  1. Congratulations on being a Rockin' Blogger, Tazo. :) You've picked some great cats to receive the award!

  2. Tazo, congratulations! You do rock!

  3. Why thanks, Tazo! We think EG is very handsome too.

    Tipper & Misty

  4. You *look like a rock star, too!

  5. Congratulations, that is wonderful!!!
    You certainly rock, now you just have to tell your Mom you would rock even more if she gets photoshop!!!
    My next dare does not involve photoshop, so I hope you will participate then!


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