Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tell Momma Tuesday

The Furry Kids' Mom here:

I had to sneak online real quick before they wake up from their nap...

This is a HUGE secret, but we got them harnesses for their birthdays. I only have experience with dogs and harnesses and that's pretty easy. Titus accepted his immediately. I'm thinking that kitty harnesses might take a little more practice. For all you kitties out there who have harnesses, how did your beans get you used to them? Any advice for us? Do's, don'ts, helpful tips? Thank you!


  1. Well I love my harness (but you know that already). I really like my new one, the old "regular" one wasn't very fun. It takes a lot of practice to get used to them and sometimes Meowmy leaves it on me in the house to just chill. I took to it pretty quickly and I will actually walk around with it very well. I guess its just practice and making sure its not too tight. Have fun!


  2. Patience, mostly. Let them walk around in the harness in the house for a few days...for short periods of course, before putting on the leash. Then, let them drag the leash around for a few days for short periods. Then, try outside...

  3. Tee hee. I've tried harnesses on a couple of these guys here. They just plop down on the floor and don't move. Good luck. Obviously, other cats out there enjoy it quite a bit.

    Thanks for all your purrs, woofs, purrayers, hugs and pawsitive thoughts for liddle Dorfie.

    Luf, Us

  4. Harnesses! This is so exciting! I like my harness because I know it means I get to go Outside. So when I see it coming out, I just stand real still so my Mommie can put it on me. We only go into the backyard, we don't really go for a "walk." I just wander all around while my Mommie holds onto the leash. It is very fun.

  5. As long as you remember that the kitties are in charge, you should do fine.

  6. ooh, let us know how it goes. I'd love to get harnesses for Samantha and Bebe.

  7. EG, Tazo...are you there?

    I guess not, so it's OK to leave a message about the surprise! Put the harness on indoors and let them get used to the feel of it. Let them wear it around, but watch closely that they don't get caught on something. Try this a few times until they get used to the feel of it. Then, hook on the leash and follow them, holding it. To encourage them to walk, place a treat ahead of them. Be patient. Once they're used to it indoors, move outside.

  8. We like these ideas. we have never had a harness... but my mom is a nurse and she is all for smooth transitions. It is a great idea to let them wear the harness around (the house a few times... they may not like the feeling, but they will get used to the idea. Patience. Then again... putting on the harness and attaching the leash and plopping them outside.. they might be too excited to complain about the "feeling"
    We are excited for them.

    do not forget to hide this post!!!
    Caesar Prin and Rosemary
    (=mommie never allowed this idea, becuase we are very curious and would want to go out without a leash and would find a way to get out. So at this point now that we are 16... we have no desire to go outside)

    happy Day!!

  9. Wow, harnesses. I think they will like them. I have been trying to get My Lady to get me and Clyde harnesses. It hasn't worked yet.

  10. I never really got used to mine, but at least I don't go nuts in one like I did at first - it takes time, I'd say ...

  11. I have never used harness before, so, I just stay and watch your result.

  12. Some kitties take to harnesses, others just lie down and play dead. I hope Tazo and Earl Grey are in the first category.


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