Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday is Hurl's Day (With Lots of Thankful Too)


So, I've been really into my job lately. Last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, I was up all night. That Woman hadded to get up at least once every hour to investigate suspicious noises. Mwahahahahaha. In other news, I whapped a glass off of the counter onto the floor at 5:30 am the other morning. That Woman hadded to get out of bed and clean up glass before she even hadded any coffee. And then she was too awake to go back to sleep.


Tazo here. In other, way better news, yesterday was Aunt Jen's one year remission-versary. Last year, we asked everyone to purr and purray for her because she hadded leukemia and was real sick. But she kicked it to the curb and she's got one year of remission under her belt. No signs of those bad, bad blood cells. She's feeling pretty good and her head furs are growing back, too. Mama is super sorry for not updating our bloggie sooner, but she just couldn't talk about it. She hadded a really rough time watching her best friend since kindergarten go through all those tough treatments and side effects. But Aunt Jen is doing well and she and Mama both gotted a new perspective on life - mainly to just be grateful for every day that you are blessed with, and not to sweat the small stuff. We just wanted to thank everyone for their purrs and purrayers and for being our friends. You guys helped so much and you didn't even know it! Whenever Aunt Jen was having a bad day and feeling really sick, Mama would come across a bloggie that made her smile and she'd send a link to Aunt Jen to cheer her up. We'll forever be thankful for you guys and we can definitely say that the cat blogosphere is one powerful place when we all band together and send energy and purrs and purrayers out for someone. Please know that we're sending lots of thankful purrs out for all of our friends.

Happy Thursday!


  1. It sounds like you've been having a banner week, Hurl!

    We loved reading that sweet note, Tazo. We are glad that your aunt Jen is doing well and will keep all our paws crossed that she stays that way!

    Your Friends,
    Tommy, Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

  2. That is the best news! So much to be thankful for! And Hurl, well, nice job!

  3. Tazo, thank you so much for the wonderful update on your Aunt Jen! That made Mom's day!

  4. Wonderful news about your Aunt Jen! We are glad she is doing so well!

    Hurl, you little devil, what a lot of mischief you've been up to.

  5. So what was the cause of the other suspicious noises - surely not YOU?

    That is wonderful news about Mom's friend - we wish her many more years of remission and good health.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  6. Great news about your Auntie. Oh, and keep up the good work. Mwahahahahaha

  7. Hurl are so bad.

    We are glad Anutie Jen is doing so much better!!!!!! WOO HOO!!!!!!

  8. Yet ANOTHER post to prove my point about KHATS...

    WooHoo fur Auntie Jen! I know it was Titus's magikh paws that REALLY did it!

    Khounting down the days until Froot Bat Friday!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Titus!

  9. What a nice post, hope Auntie Jen stays well.

  10. We are so happy that Aunt Jen is doing well. We are glad that we can help in any way if your mom needs a smile.


    As for Hurl Gray, mom said he'd be dead if he knocked a glass off our counter.

  11. Tazo, what wonderful news! That made my mom smile.

    And Hurl? Your news made me smile!

  12. Glad your Aunt Jen is doing so much better -- just don't let Hurl Grey pull any pranks on her!

  13. That is good news about Aunt Jen! We hope all continues good for her!

  14. Good mews always makes us smile, and forget about the small stuff! We have things here that go bump in the night too, but since there's a few of us, mewmie usually doesn't know who to blame...


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