Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tazo Tuesday

I was tricked! I didn't want my picture taken, but Daddy held up a cracker and tricked me into posing. After Mama tooked my picture, I didn't even get to EAT THE CRACKER! What the paw???

I hope everybuddy has a way cool Tuesday! And may crackers rain from the sky!


  1. Tazo - that's all kinds of wrong!
    Oh - and Diamond says "wazzzup?" to Titus!

  2. Woo are lukhky that is all the trikhking that was done...

    Fur if I was there, Titus and I would SOOOO show woo some things!

    Khorrekht Titus?

    PeeEssWoo: Maybe we should rekhruit Diamond to help!

  3. Oh now that is just wrong. Wrong. They try to trick us with the camera lens cover....we're too smart for that.


  4. You've been duped, Tazo! We hope they do not think you will fall for that same trick again!

  5. That is very wrong! My Mommie has started to trick me a little bit, too. Instead of holding up treats for me when I model, she just holds up pieces of my REGULAR crunchy foods.

  6. I would bite your dad's hand and then act all innocent about it and say, 'I thought I saw a cracker.' That might teach him not to tease you like that.

  7. You might have been tricked, but that is a very nice portrait of you!

  8. Tazo, you are very cute! I am glad your dad tricked you and got your picture.

  9. Oh my sweet Tea Cup! I am on my way to 'splain things to your Mama! It's one thing to have to pose, but then not to get the cracker - unacceptable!

    Well, on second thought, I might just sit here and stare at your lovely picture for a while. But then I'm definitely on my way.

  10. Well, tricked or not, it is a lovely shot of you.


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