Friday, June 19, 2009

Froot Bat Friday

Mom got me. She got me good. Ok, I admit that I made it easier on her than usual (only one gimme some frooooot baaaaaat). See, yesterday, I kinda freaked her out, so I didn't feel right making her work for the froot bats. Yesterday morning, while she was in the shower, I helped myself to some honey. About 8 oz or so. It was sooooo delicious. And so easy to get to. It was a plastic container, so after Hurl Grey whapped it off the counter, I chewed the top off and went to town. But I did learn something about my relationship with honey - it's temporary. See, I guess when you eat that much honey, it doesn't like to stay for long. While Mom was cleaning up what dripped on the carpet, she noticed that I was acting all nauseous and lip-licky. So she took me outside. And all that delicious honey came right back. It was kind of a drag. At least I got to hang onto that box of Lucky Charms for most of a day. So even though Mom was freaked out and all, she was a little bit happy that she didn't have to make another horribly embarrassing call to the v-e-t. She said she didn't feel like getting laughed at today. hehe

Happy Weekend everybuddy!

PS - Don't forget to scroll down and check out the twins' post for International Box Day.


  1. Oh Titus!

    We aren't supposed to skhare our hoomans THAT much!

    Furry nice Froot Bat Friday!

    PeeEssWoo: Mulberries must be too tart fur me...I would sniff, taste, and spit 'em bakhk out...same thing fur the sour cherries from the tree...maybe I need some honey on 'em!

  2. Never tried honey. Chased a bee once though.

    Purrs Goldie

  3. Awwww, honey! hehehe

    Titus, you sure made up for the lip-licky with that excellent Frootbat in the sunbeams! This is our most favorite photo of you EVER! Awesome!

    Mom's stealing it... just so ya know.

  4. Hey there you froot batty Honey Bun!

  5. Great frootbat shot!!! Hope that honey is all out of you now. Don't do that again. Just wait for an empty bottle to chew on.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  6. That has got to be your most deliciously FROOTY photo yet, Titus! So lovely and pinky! Utterly kissable!

    Sorry about the "honey effect."

    Your Friends,
    Tommy and The Girls

  7. oh Titus. our the mom feels sorry for your the mom. she said something about we seem like a bunch of angels compared to you guys. soooooooooooooo what we wants to know - can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give us some hints so that we can make our mommy freak out too?


  8. Oh no food safe around you? Thank goodness you didn't have to go to the v-e-t!

    Meowm is loving your frootbats ears today! The delicious pinkness of them shows even better with the sun on them!

  9. I guess you and honey don't "bee"-long together, Titus. I love your froooooot baaaaaaats! "Lip-licky"...I like that word!

  10. Titus, I am really impressed with your adorable and handsome photo today. It is just beautiful!
    I am also impressed with your eagerness to try new things. Honey is pretty cool. I am glad it came out that end though and not the other, which has to make a long and grumpy travel trip through your pipes.

    purrrs for a happy week-end
    love Prinnie

  11. Whoa! Froot Baaaat Ears with the sun shining pinkly through them! You done good!

  12. Boy, Titus, that HG certainly is a troublemaker, isn't he? I'm glad you took care of that honey outside instead of in...and then allowed a froot battishly handsome photo!

  13. Poor Titus! At least your mom knew to take you outside!

  14. Hmmmmmm. That sounds like a scary time for your Mom. My Daddy eats a lot of honey but it never comes back out like that. I will warn him about it though.

  15. Well, Titus, we're glad there wasn't any permanent damage. We know you were just taking the honey container to your mom to let her know what mischievous Hurl Grey had done.

  16. Some time it's just not worth eat to eat fun stuff, because it sure doesn't taste fun coming back up. And then you feel all icky and tired. And you get no sympathy because your mom said you shouldn't have eaten it in the first place... I feel for you, Titus, I really do.



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