Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 33 *Updated*

So our pal, George, from the Crew, suggested that maybe we could use our cuteness to our advantage and suck up to Santa. Um, Mom? This isn't quite what we had in mind.


What the paw?


(Mom's note: Mwhahahahahahaha!)

Thirteen Things We Hope That Santa Claws Did Not See Us Do This Year:

1. Titus' indiscriminant competitive eating

2. Breaking Momma's Jack Skellington figurine (Tazo & EG)

3. Climbing into the oven (it wasn't on) and sampling the pumpkin pie that Daddy made for Thanksgiving - it was really tasty, by the way (Tazo)

4. Chewing the cable cord so much that the cable man had to replace it (Tazo)

5. Pulling the tie-back strips off of the curtains (Tazo & EG)

6. Eating a giant piece of dawg toy and having to have it surgically removed (EG)

7. Putting the bitey on Momma (Tazo & EG, but mostly EG - hee hee)

8. Growling at Momma when she took away the piece of pizza that was swiped off her plate (Tazo)

9. Litterbox surfing (Titus)

10. Chasing squirrels (Titus)

11. Darting out the door and into the yard (EG) / running out the gate and around the neighborhood (Titus)

12. Picking on Titus and Tazo (EG)

13. Drinking out of The Mom's coffee mug - Dunkin Donuts coffee is super good! (EG)

Oh, and guess what?! Mom ordered our cards and stamps and stickers and our very own address labels all on the same day right before Thanksgiving. She was so proud of herself for getting everything ordered on time this year. Everything shipped right away except for the labels. So Mom made out all the cards and decided to wait for the labels. Well, she waited and waited and waited some more. Finally, she figured that she better just mail the cards or nobody would get them before Christmas. So she wrote our return address on all the card and mailed them out. Yesterday, Dad called her at work (laughing) and said, "Guess what just showed up?" The man in blue had just delivered our labels. Hahahahahahaha! Mom wasn't that happy, but she figures we'll be all set for next year. Hahahahahaha! Poor Mom! Hahahahahaha!

PS - If anyone would like a Christmas/holiday card, please e-mail your snail mail address to us at thefurrykids AT gmail DOT com

PS 2 - And Momma wants us to tell you that she doesn't expect cards back, so if you're not sending out cards this year, but still want one from us that's perfectly fine. We have plenty to go around. She ordered like a squillion.


  1. I do not think Santa will hold any of that against you. You were just being yourselves. Santa understands about kitties and woofies, that's what Mom said.

  2. Your poor mom! (With regards to the labels). I'm pretty sure Santa understands that sometimes woofies and kitties do slightly naughty things. As long as we're good most of the time, I think he understands.

  3. Santa Claws will definately turn the other cheek this year for you guys!

  4. I think that Santa won't hold any of that against you! But...EG, I remember how scared we all were when you ate that plastic - I think that you must PROMISE Santa to never, EVAH do that again!

  5. Oh yeah, that small problem of biggie at all huh? Let not repeat that again OK??


  6. Well, you can hope that Santa was busy each time those things happened and didn't actually see them. Just to be on the safe side, you could up your cuteness factor by putting on hats like we did! Go to That's where our Mom found ours!


  7. I am pretty sure that Santa will forgive you for all of those things. In fact, I suspect he is so busy, he does not even know that you did a few kind of naughty things.

    ps: climbing into the oven to sample the pumpkin pie was a good stunt you pulled!

  8. I'm sure Sandy Paws forgives all when you are cute.

    That's what Ivy is counting on, anyway.

  9. We do not think Santa noticed any of that so don't worry. We are sure he will bring you loads of good stuff!!

  10. Hahahahaha! You look great in your hats. I think Santa will be impressed!!

  11. Ha, ha, guys are all very naughty : ) I like that!

  12. We do not know if we like your photos more, or your T13. We refuse to choose. They both rock.

  13. HEE HEE!!!! *big grin* You all are adorable -- you sound like MaoMao and me -- we're always trying to come up with interesting and *cough* naughty *cough* things to do!

    I'm sure Santa will look the other way, though. I've heard tell he has a soft spot for kitties and woofies!

    Love and cuddles, and I'm sending lots and lots of whiskie kisses to EG!

  14. Holy crap, we see yoor mom found da pikipimp site. At least SHE put da beard on da woofie, not like dad!

  15. Those are very cute hats!!! But at least they are fake ones and not real ones! We think Santa looks the other way for us cats cause we are just so darn cute! (And we are sticking to that story) We got your lovely card. Thank you!
    Your FL furiends,

  16. Sandy Claws generally forgives all kitties fer actin like kitties. Yer "good". He tole us so when we visitin him.

    But be careful the nex few days. It was a close decision on yer part..

  17. Dear Guys~!

    Please come to see my blog article at Dec 20th. I give you an award :)


  18. Pie is really good.... well, the crust is yumm-o. You three have only been slightly naughty. Pizza... **drooools**

    We hope you two have a very happy friday and superb week-end and a very Lovely Christmas Eve! we thought your card was the very coolest and mommie let us hang it in our room. Thank you for sending it!!!!!!!

    Prinnie and Caesar

  19. That's a lot of stuff to hope that Santy Paws didn't see. But then, he had to be watching all 10 of us at some time too, right?

    Luf, Us

  20. I think all your cuteness will make up for evewything you've done. I'm sure you guys are going to get wots of pwesents fwom Santa this year!


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