Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 31

Thirteen random facts about us - winter edition:

1. EG is obsessed with snow. He ran outside the other night when it was snowing and loved it (even though he got in lots of trouble). And whenever anyone comes in the house, he licks the snow off their shoes.

2. If Momma is on the couch and covered up with a blankie, EG will earthworm under there. If there is no blankie, he will try to earthworm under her sweatshirt. And then she begs him not to put the bitey on anything, um, sensitive under her shirt. hee hee Because he's done that before - but not since he was a little, baby kitty. But, as they say, once bitten, twice shy. Hahahahaha!

3. Tazo does not like snow on the ground. But she does like to sniff it on Mom and Dad's shoes when they come in from outside.

4. Titus loves the snow. The other morning (when we had our first snowfall), he poked his head out the door, looked around, and then tore off down the patio. He made a couple of loops around the back yard before he came in for breakfast.

5. Titus hates playing catch. No frisbees, no tennis balls, no nothing. But chuck a snowball at him and he catches it every time.

6. Titus loves snow so much that he will lie down in it and just hang out, checking out the neighborhood.

7. EG thinks it is still strollering weather and Momma does not.

8. We hate getting shocked. Momma tries to make sure to touch something else before she touches us, but if she's overcome by our cuteness, she forgets and zaps us. EG learned that the hard way the other day.

9. There's nothing better than a good hockey game on TV. We'd rather cuddle with Momma and watch hockey than watch football with Daddy, because she doesn't yell at the TV like Daddy does.

10. Hot chocolate with marshmallows. We have just discovered this. But don't tell Momma that we tasted her hot chocolate.

11. Every night when Momma goes to bed, it's just her and Titus in the bed. Every morning, when she gets up, all of us are in the bed. Well, duh. It's a lot warmer that way.

12. The first Christmas that Momma and Daddy had with Shadow (the Dawg Who Came Before), they decorated their Christmas tree. A little while later, Momma was on the phone and Shadow got all fritzy and was running around the house. She ran past the Christmas tree, grabbed a glass ball ornament off the tree, and ran down the hall. Momma started giggling and then Shadow wanted to play keep away. Momma finally got the ornament away from her (dawg and ornament were both unharmed) and rearranged the ornaments. Shadow wouldn't leave them alone, so Momma ended up leaving the bottom half of the tree bare (except for the lights) and hanging all the ornaments at the top, out of Shadow's reach. Gramma called it their toddler tree. hee hee

13. Momma builds a snowman every year (this year, she wants to try to do snow dawg and cats). And every year, when Titus sees it for the first time, he charges at it, runs around sniffing it for a bit, and then pees on it. hee hee He says he won't pee on any snow dawgs or cats, it's just a snowman thing. We'll see.

PS - If anyone would like a Christmas/holiday card, please e-mail your snail mail address to us at thefurrykids AT gmail DOT com

PS 2 - And Momma wants us to tell you that she doesn't expect cards back, so if you're not sending out cards this year, but still want one from us that's perfectly fine. We have plenty to go around. She ordered like a squillion.


  1. Stamps are soooo expensive this year...

    WE got our first snowstorm yesterday and we have a whole 4 inches. It does make everything look bright.
    Mommie brings snow in a dish for us to sniff and play with.

    You three are sooo cool!
    We think when Titus pees on the snowman, it means it has gotten his superiour approval

  2. Hockey is fun to watch on TV. Sadly, we don't get NHL hockey here in Munich. My mom has to follow her favourite teams on the web.

    Wow, EG and Titus like snow? It's much too cold for me. I like to earthworm under things just like EG though. :) I call it 'burrowing.' :)

  3. Titus, duuuuuuude, I HATE snow! Daddy laughs at me when I go outside cause I prance with my paws like a wussy-dog. I would much rather keep my paws dry!
    We are all looking forward to seeing snow kitties and doggies!

  4. mommy loves to watch hockey on TV too. we is not allowed outside to go in the snow, but that's ok because it smells really cold.

    we sented you another email - we hopes you gets it!

  5. ok, we sented you an email at the other address you gave us. we hopes you gets it. if not, email us at
    themeezers AT gmail DOT com

  6. We never get snow here so we are not sure if we like it or not. Dante has never even seen snow. Mommy actually wants it to snow this year so maybe if it does, we will like it too!

  7. It snowed here yesterday too. Trixie was on the deck for a couple of seconds so there are kitty footprints in our snow.

    We understand about your toddler tree. We have to keep stuff away from Trixie too cause she swipes stuff off the tree and hides it.

  8. Great Thursday Thirteen!

    For some reason my mommy laughed at EG putting the bitey on your mommy under her sweatshirt.

  9. I like that Titus pees on the snow person. hehe!


  10. Snow sounds very, very fascinating. I think any kind of weather is good for strollering, too! But my Mommie will not take me out if it is too hot.

  11. What a great list! We're not sure what George would do if she saw a snowman - maybe we'll ask Mommy and Daddy to make her one in her yard.

  12. This was a great thirteen. I love to learn more about my friends :)

  13. Dis waz a good 13 guyz & galz. I also tink snow iz furry different. I yam rally not sure dat I likes it.

  14. Titus is very very special~!
    I think I will be afraid of snow~! Hahahahaha~!

    I think hot drink is really great in this season~!!! Could keep you warmer :)

  15. Oh yer we'z all love hockey here, d'smell of d'kit, d'hot chocolate of d'player all that stuff! ;) The boy plays hockey and trains twice a week for most of the year, so we'z get lotsa chances to test his hot choccy drink with marshmallows! :)

  16. That was a great Thursday Thirteen! Mom loves the idea of building snow cats and snow dogs, too. Unfortunately, it just doesn't snow enough here anymore to even build a snow BUG! Mom loves snow.

    And oh, the ZAPPING! We Ballicai don't like to get zapped, either -- and you ought to see Brainball after Mom brushes him -- talk about a walking fuzzy static charge!

    I'm sending whiskie-kisses to EG! Earl, I would love to earthworm with you. *grin*!

    Lots of love and cuddles from Dorydoo!


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