Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 32

Thirteen Things That Mom and Dad have learned since they got kitties:

1. Flat surfaces must be cleared or we will do it for you

2. The "good couch" for company is not off limits to kitties, and is now covered in furs

3. Curtains must remain open at all times

4. Same with window shades - or we will take matters into our own paws

5. Litterboxes should be cleaned at least once every 24 hours. 36 hours is too long and we will make that clear to you in our own special way

6. The water bowl must be cleaned, sterilized, and refilled after Titus drinks out of it

7. Whenever you need to handwrite something, we will help you by chewing on the pen - while you are writing

8. We will snoopervise any cleaning and/or home improvement projects

9. Thundering Herd of Elephants is best played between 2 am and 4:30 am

10. Always check the dryer before you start it

11. The lint trap on the washing machine hose is an awesome toy and you should remember to make sure the hose is placed back in the laundry tub before you run the machine - hee hee

12. There is never a dull moment when we are around

13. There's nothing better first thing in the morning than waking up to a pile of furry kids cuddled up next to you

PS - If anyone would like a Christmas/holiday card, please e-mail your snail mail address to us at thefurrykids AT gmail DOT com

PS 2 - And Momma wants us to tell you that she doesn't expect cards back, so if you're not sending out cards this year, but still want one from us that's perfectly fine. We have plenty to go around. She ordered like a squillion.


  1. That is a great list! :) Terrific! :) My humans haven't learned about Thundering Herd of Elephants yet, but I'm sure they will once my little brother arrives and we can play that game! :)

  2. "9. Thundering Herd of Elephants is best played between 2 am and 4:30 am"

    That one is my favorite! I like that game too! Except it's just me playing, so I don't know if I qualify as a herd =:-)

  3. *snort* Uhhuh. May we add dat getting yoor eyelids licked to wake yoo up is much better den a stoopid alarm clock. Mom, stop growling, yoo know it's troo...

  4. You forgot staring intently at the Mom when she takes a shower. Oh, wait, that's me...never mind...

  5. That last one makes it all better! I was lying with my head on the LL's pillow with my paws wrapped around her arm last night and I do believe she forgot all of my traits that bother her.

    I'm interested in this dryer/washer thing. I hear noises in our dungeon but I've never seen these machines!


  6. Great list! Number thirteen is the best, in my opinion. I know my mommy smiles and snuggles me and forgives all of my faults when I snuggle in bed with her at night and purr and purr and purr.

  7. Oh yes, my Mum says she can relate to all of your list. She especially likes #13 - isn't that the best!

  8. We agree with everything on that list. We sure hope that nobobdy found out about #10 the hard way - ouch!

    Mom speshally agrees with #13.

  9. I am glad your mom and dad finally learned these important lessons!

  10. Your house must be so much fun. That was a great list. Mom enjoyed it, too.


  11. You seem to have it all covered. Our favorite one is #1 and Mom's is #13.

  12. hahaha great TT you know. i especially like the one about checking the dryer. baby Mao had a bad experience once. Well, it was actually funny for me but honestly it could have ended in tears! The human was beside herself. x

  13. Yep we agree wiv those. When yer playing Herds of thundering elephants, yoo haf to be sure to run across the hyoomans bed at 3am about a squilion times.

  14. I lovez your listee! Can I come oevfur to-night at 3:00 am to play "thunderin' elly-pants"? Oh, & dis checkin' da dryer iz furry smart. Da momee alwayz does dis... she rememberz itty-bitty kittenz dat likes to climb into da warm spots.

  15. Awesome list! Totally agree! :)
    Purrs Mickey

  16. Great list - Stray Kitty can relate to #4. Mom is going to have to again replace the blinds in her bedroom. SK has torn them to shreds by climbing on the window sills when the binds are closed.

    Midnite & Stray Kitty

  17. We loved this list. we do not know what we would do without friends like you! we are so happy you three are together! This list is very very accurate! wE love cleaning off the table and chomping on the pens!

  18. Mommy Bean chuckled she agreed to your list of demands, er list of truths. :D

  19. hehehe, I loved readin yur list! Me and Dorydoo love playin thundering herd, too, and me and Brainball played a superduper game of chase today -- he likes to rassle me and body slam me -- it's so much FUN!!!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

    (Dorydoo's sendin whiskie kissies to EG -- she's mad at Momma cuz Momma's been slow about helpin us to blog and vizzit!)

  20. *big smile*! Life is never dull with kitties or doggies! "Never a dull moment," my mom likes to say. Not even at six o'clock in the morning!

    I don't do a lot of wrestling or chasing, but sometimes, even though I am a mature ladycat, I SPAZ for (to Mom) no discernible reason. Then I tuddle all over the house as though my rear were on fire!

    Ah, brings back my kitten days... *smile*

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  21. It's good that they know that now! Too bad they didn't know before. Great list.

  22. What a great list, EG! I might add one thing though

    14. A kitty butt shoved in your face is not impolite

  23. Great list! About #10, The Big Thing knows to keep that door CLOSED! I have a "freeze" response when cloths are dropped on me, so WE don't want any surprises when he makes that thing spin around!

  24. I'm glad your Beans were able to learn all of those important lessons!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe


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