Friday, December 7, 2007

Feets and Froot Bat Friday

The Feets Part:

Look, Adan! Look at Mom's feets! hee hee Thank you again!

The Froot Bat Part:

I'm sorry, Mom. This is all you get. I don't feel like having my picture taken. No matter how many times you say, "Give Momma some froot bat," or "I need some froot bat," or "Froooooooot baaaaat!" I'm not feeling it.

PS - If anyone would like a Christmas/holiday card, please e-mail your snail mail address to us at thefurrykids AT gmail DOT com

PS 2 - And Momma wants us to tell you that she doesn't expect cards back, so if you're not sending out cards this year, but still want one from us that's perfectly fine. We have plenty to go around. She ordered like a squillion.


  1. Titus, you don't look at all happy in that photo. I guess you just aren't feeling the Frootbat joy!

    Your mom's toe socks are very cool!

  2. Your momma's socks gots toes on them! They look very warm and cozy.

    We really like your frootbat ears Titus, but sometimes you just do not want your picture taken.

  3. Sometimes you just have to dig all four heels in and say "not today"
    just because!

    those socks look very comfy on your mom's feets!

  4. Cute toesie socks! My mommy has lots of those.

    Poor Titus. Loki gets that look on his face a lot.

  5. Do not worry Titus. Sometimes you feel frooty, and sometimes you don't. You still look very handsome.

  6. Awww Titus yoo look like yer fed up wiv the flashy box. We know just how yoo feel. Whenefurr we try to nap, all we hear is "Awww look what he's doing", then it's flash, flash flash!!
    We like your mum's toesies in those socks. We haf nefurr seen any like that befurr.

  7. Titus, you looks adorable even withouts a happy look on your face. Mommy Bean says she wants to scritch your ears.

  8. Oh sometimes you don't want to raise the ears and thats OK. The LL is freaking about your Mommy's toes because of her toe operation today! Hopefully soon her toes will be just as happy as your Mommy's.


  9. My mom likes your mom's socks! My mom is a major sock lady. She hates to wear shoes in the house, but she wears socks ALWAYS.

    And Titus, you are a fabulous frootbat even when you don't want to raise your ears! *grin*

    I'm sending whiskie-kisses to handsome Earl! *grin!*

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  10. Those are the *cutest socks!!!

    And, Titus, you're handsome no matter what ...

  11. Ooh toes, I'z just gotta put the bitey on them! I'z can't resist, they'z just too tempting!

    I'z wery sorry, but I'z gets urges when I's see toes...


  12. Awww, Titus! Give us Frootbat!!!
    ps - come and visit me!

  13. Wow, we nefer saw paw GLOVES before. The Big Thing only has paw TUBES!

  14. Maw had some of those years ago when she was a teen bean. She thought they felt funny on her toesies.

    Poor Titus. He gets tired of modeling, doesn't he?

    Luf, Us

  15. Titus, my friend, you always make an excellent Frootbat, no matter what position your ears are in! You are quite a handsome woofie. And your Mom's socks are neat-o! My Mom loves socks, too. Often she wears multiple pairs at once -- I don't think she has any blood veins in her feet!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  16. The photographers are always after us. Titus, that's just the price you have to pay for being a celebrity.


  17. Hahahahah~!!!
    That toessocks are the best, especially in winter~!!!!
    And it looks great on your mommy's feet~!!!
    I am so flatter could see this picture, thank you as well~!!
    You are so sweet to put this on your blog :)

    Happy Happy Happy~!!!!

  18. Those socks are cool! You still look good, Titus, even without doin' the frootbat. Coco doesn't like frisbees or tennis balls, either. She likes smashing pillows and shredding tissues, though.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  19. Those are cute toesies socks!!! My OTW says she'd feel weird with stuff between her toes, though. But then she feels weird with stuff on her feets!!!

    Photographers are SOOOOOOOO demanding of their models, aren't they?

    EG, the snow is Evil!!! Don't trust it!!!



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