Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wiped Out Wednesday

PS - If anyone would like a Christmas/holiday card, please e-mail your snail mail address to us at thefurrykids AT gmail DOT com

PS 2 - And Momma wants us to tell you that she doesn't expect cards back, so if you're not sending out cards this year, but still want one from us that's perfectly fine. We have plenty to go around. She ordered like a squillion.


  1. Aww, the two of you look very cute, napping together like that! :)

  2. Napping on top of mommy and her blanket on the couch is the best! And no matter how often I try it, Holly or Ivy always joins me in a kitty pile so mommy can't move. *snicker*

  3. Awww you two look adorable. I sent you my address :)

  4. Oh Blogger is being a poop and not wanting to show us your great photo! They showed all the others and just decided they would stop here I guess.

    Have a good nap!

  5. You two are so cute sleeping together like that. We all sleep separate at our house.

  6. The holiday season can be very exhausting! We got your cute cards (Pixie was very proud that she got one just for her). Thanks!

  7. You guys look so cute sleeping on the couch together!! We got your card today, thank you very much.

    Ninja & Brenda

  8. You guys look so snuggly. I got my Christmas card today-it is great! Thanks, Furry Kids!

  9. AWWWWW you two look sooo cute. We love your little hindfeets up in the air like that.


  10. That's what mom looked like last night.

    Thank you for your kind words of support during mom's difficult time. She very much appreciates it.

    Roxy & Lucky

  11. Dear all you lovely 3 furry~!!!
    I post the video that I recieved your package, and give you an award, please come and pick it up~!

  12. You both look very comfortable. We love to sleep together too. I have the pictures up of my secret paws. Thanks once again.


    PS - I can still eat temptations. I don't have any dietary restrictions. I can eat anything I want if it helps me gain weight.

  13. We got your beautiful Christmas card today, thank you soooo much, that was sooooo nice of you!!!!
    That is a wonderful picture of you napping together!
    I wish you some very happy holidays and a great new year!!!!
    Your Karl

  14. Awwwwwww, cuddlebugs! That's such an adorable picture of you two.

    And I'm sending lots and lots of whiskie kisses, handsome Earl! *grin*!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo!


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