Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Birfday Recap

T says:

My birfday rocked! Momma came home and sang birfday songs to me and gave me extra scratches. Then we went out and she shoveled snow and I laid on the patio and watched her. Then Daddy came home and we opened presents. I got a pink piggy that squeaks, a scary skull rope toy, a stretchy cow that has real good floppability, and a squeaky ice cream cone. Momma took lots of pictures of me and my toys. Hopefully she’ll help me post them soon.

After Momma and Daddy ate dinner, we all laid on the couch and watched a movie. It was fun. Then Momma went to bed and I went with her to cuddle. EG didn’t come in there so it was just me and Momma. It rocked!

Oh, and Daisy (I think she might be Skeezix’s special friend) said Happy Birfday to me. It was so cool. Most kitties don’t want to talk to dawgs. But I’m a nice dawg. Momma says I’m really good with EG & Tz.

EG says:
I got outside last night. I made it almost three feet out the door before Dad grabbed me. Grrr. There was this white stuff all over the patio. It was cold and wet, but I still rolled on my back. Whatever. I just want to go outside.
Oh, and we got a jingle ball. It’s green and purple and I love it, but don’t tell Mom and Dad. I try to be cool about that stuff.

Tz says:
Momma came home and then went back outside. She was doing something in the driveway with a big stick that had an orange plate thing at the bottom. Everything is covered in white cold wet stuff. I got that stuff on my feet once last year. I didn’t like it. It made me really a-skeered. I jumped straight up in the air and then I ran to the edge of the house and back and then jumped straight up in the air again. I did that a bunch of times until Momma caught me during my jump and took me back in the house to safety. It was really a-skeery. Momma held me for a long time after that because I was a-skeered and shaking. Momma’s cool like that. So I don’t want nothing to do with that white stuff. I was afraid Momma would get a-skeered, too, but she had that big stick thing with her and she was muscling her way through that white stuff. When she came back in the house she had that white stuff all over her boots so me and EG took turns licking it off. It tasted ok, but it was pretty cold.

Momma got me and EG another jingle ball. We took turns playing with it, but then EG rolled it under the couch. I wasn’t ready for him to stash it in our hidey spot just yet.

Momma gave Daddy a Valentime’s Day present and guess what? It came in a big box. Momma took all the stuff out and left it out for us to play in. Me and EG put T’s new piggy and ice cream cone in it. It made Momma laugh when she woke up this morning. Momma also took tons of pictures of me in the box. Because she says I’m so cute. Hopefully she’ll help us post those pictures soon. I want everyone to see our new box. She was trying to get pictures of EG, but he wouldn’t cooperate – whatever that means.

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