Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things About Me
by Earl Grey Phillip(e)

1. It’s spelled Grey – not Gray. Don’t forget.

2. I wear a Grey tuxedo. That's "GREY", not "gray."

3. I supervise everything that goes on in the house.

4. I can be quite bitey.

5. I love to lay on the floor and look really adorable and show my belly and then when someone rubs my belly I bite and scratch them. Mwahahahaha

6. Mom had a hard time naming me. She always thought that Tazo would be a boy type name, but then Tz looked like a Tz. She ruled out Chai right away – too girly. She also thought Numi was too girly. Then she decided that Earl Grey would be perfect for me.

7. I like to climb in any available cabinet, whether or not I'm supposed to be in there.

8. I like to chase Tz around the house and put the bite on her.

9. I looooove jingle balls. I have about 20 of them stashed around the house.

10. I love to watch the water in Mom and Dad’s litter box. Sometimes I play in it, even though Mom yells at me.

11. I am very careful about litter box issues. I have to have everything covered – even if it’s not in the box. And even if it doesn’t belong to me.

12. The ‘nip makes me happy.

13. I want to be an outside cat, but Mom won’t let me. She always says, “Better inside and fat than outside and flat.”

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  1. HAHAHAHA, better inside and fat than outside and fat!!! Yoo had owr lady...and us...laffin laffin laffin


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