Wednesday, February 7, 2007

A Day in the Life on a Tuesday

T says:
Momma brought me and the twins some special toys the other night. She didn’t feel like putting up with the twins being all hopped up on the nip, so she hid them in the bathroom. The twins found them and ripped open the bag and spread the toys all over Dad while he was sleeping. The good thing is that he knows they did it. I would never do anything like that. Anyway she got me two stuffed toys – a plushy blue “glass” of soda and a plushy chocolate milkshake. They are very soft and have squeakers! EG keeps swiping my soda and carrying it around, but I love the chocolate shake. Me and Momma played chocolate milkshake last night for a long time. She would pretend to take away my milkshake and I would grab it and shake it like a crazy man. Then she kept trying to grab my booty while I was playing milkshake. It was a lot of fun.

Daddy made some chicken soup for supper last night. I helped. I hung out in the kitchen and made sure that the twins didn’t bother him. I was hoping that he would give me some soup when it was ready. He didn’t, but he did spill some on the floor last night. Me and EG licked it up. Tz tried to get some drops too, but Momma was afraid that I might growl at her, so she picked her up and carried her to the family room.

Then I layed on the couch with Daddy and watched TV. Then he let me outside to go potty. Man, it was freezy cold out there. Then when I came in, I got my bednight snack. It was good. Then I went to bed. It was cold and I slept in Momma and Daddy’s bed. I had to share with the twins, though. That bugs me sometimes. But they were pretty warm.

EG says:
I didn’t do too much yesterday. T says I opened the bag of toys. Whatever. Then he says I’m hogging his squeaky soda. Again, whatever. If he’s not playing with it, it’s fair game. I supervised Dad making soup. I guess he did a pretty good job. He wouldn’t give me any. I did get to sample a couple of drops after I tripped him and he spilled the soup. Momma went to bed pretty early, so I went in and earthwormed under the covers with her and supervised while she watched her shows.

Tz says:
Whew! I had a pretty busy day yesterday. I napped until Daddy got home. It was a good nap. Then I helped him make soup. I licked the bowls after they got done eating. We did a good job on that soup. Momma said it was way better than Daddy’s mom’s soup. Momma went to bed early, but I wasn’t ready to go yet, so we talked for a long time. I love it when we have our talks. I tell her about my day and she tells me about hers. It’s cool. She has talked to me ever since her and Daddy brought me home. I don’t know where she learned to speak kitty, but she’s real good at it. After we got done talking, I still wasn’t ready for bed. I decided to hone my PBK skills for a while (that’s Professional Bug Killer for anybody who doesn’t know). I’m the PBK at our house. It is so much fun. Sometimes Momma gets so scared by bugs that she has to wake me up from a nap to take care of business. I got to get her to understand that the bugs will be there when I wake up – she doesn’t need to worry about anything like that when I’m on the case. EG is the APBK (Assistant PBK). He thinks he’s the #1 PBK, but Momma says it’s me.

We were all cuddled in bed when Daddy came to bed. T was on Daddy’s side but at the bottom of the bed. Me and EG were sleeping on the back of Momma’s legs. Momma woke up when Daddy came to bed and she said that she had to use the litter box. So she got up (which meant that me and EG had to get moved from our very comfy sleeping spot) and went down the hall. I don’t know how she can use that litter box that her and Daddy have. It’s full of water – not wheat! Do you believe it? It’s fun to watch and EG likes to play in it, but I can’t imagine having to do my business in that thing. Eww. Anyway, when Momma got up to go to her litter box, and I took her spot on the bed next to Daddy. When she came back and saw me in her spot, she laughed. Momma climbed into her spot and Daddy pulled me over toward the middle of the bed and covered me up. I was so happy that I cuddled up between Momma and Daddy and purred and purred and purred. Momma loves when I do that because I have a really cool loud motor. EG doesn’t purr like I do. We fell asleep like that and then next thing I knew, Momma’s ringy thing was going off. That means it’s breakfast time.

See you later!

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