Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Happy Gotcha Day, Titus!

Today is his 8th Gotcha-versary. (We have a feeling he's going to be getting lots of smooches and hugs today.)

You are the best white dawg ever! Thank you for being such a special boy and for picking us to be your family. We love you.

Mom and Dad and the Twins


  1. Oh Titus! That's a great shot! HAPPY GOTCHA DAY!!!

    Has someone told Hurl Grey to leave your lovely ears alone today?

    Your Pals,
    Tom and Tama-Chan

  2. Happy Gotcha Day Titus!!!!!!!!

    Joanne, Jane, Jill, Johnny, Jay boy, Jasmine & Capu from Singapore

  3. Happy 8th Gotcha Day, Titus. Today is your day, make it count.

    Roxy & Lucky

  4. Happy Gotcha Day, Titus! You look like you are enjoying the kissies!

  5. Happiest of Happy Gotcha Days Titus! Gotcha Days are the very bestest!!!! We hope you have a great day and gets lots of love and treats and toys!

    Pearl, Bert and Jake

    p.s. Hiya Tazo! It's a beautiful day out, you wanna come over and hunt the dead fish in the yard (no reason George should get all the fun)? - Bert

  6. KHOOL!

    Your post is kind of like mine today!

    Happy Woo Pikhked 'Em Day!

    I think that deserves MORE mud!

    Nothing says I love woo like a muddy print to the chest...and thighs...and wrist...and bum!

    PeeEssWoo: This DOES mean no evil khat khrap pawmitted!

  7. That is a cute picture! Hapy Gotcha day. You looks really happy with all the hugs and smootches!

    Hugs from
    Luna, Luzie, Olli and Patch

  8. Happy homecoming, Titus! We'll have extra cookies today to help celebrate your Tituversary!!!
    Play bows,

  9. Happy Gotcha day Titus! We hope you get extra treats today!!

  10. Happy gotcha day, Titus! We love having you around, too!

  11. Happy Gotcha Day Titus! Yoo look so happy wif yer mom!!!!

  12. HAPPY 8th BRITHDAY TITUS !!!!!
    We hope you get spoiled like crazy!!!
    Bet you are already!! heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  13. Happy Happy Birthday to Titus~!
    Titus does a very very special great woffie~!
    He might be the best woffie I have ever seen!!! And the most impress me is, he does many pose just like cats~! That is very very good of him, he is really a great lovely partner!!!!

    Happy 8 years old, Titus~! I wish you always happy and healthy!

  14. Sorry, should be 8th 8th Gotcha-versary~! Hahaha~~~
    By the way,
    I pass an award for you!!!
    Happy 8th Gotcha-day, Titus!

  15. Titus is the most beautiful doggy ever.

    Hee hee, I's gived you an award... click here. Love & Purrs, KC

  16. Happy Gotcha Day Titus...give us some froooooooootbat...hehehe

  17. Happy Gotcha Day Titus...give us some froooooooootbat...hehehe.

  18. Happy Gotcha Day, Titus! Looks like you have a good home.

  19. You are such a handsome guy! (and a beautiful color)
    Happy, Happy Gotcha Day Titus!!
    ~ Noah

  20. Gotcha days are even more of an excuse for smoochy hugs and kisses. Go for it Titus !

  21. Happy Gotcha Day, Titus!
    Dixie Dog and The Creek Cats

    P.S. I noticed we are sponsoring the same Dribbles kitty at Best Friends!

  22. We won't repeat what 27 friends up above have already said... we
    just say:
    GO TITUS GO...
    You're the Grand Number One
    Frootbat Fabulous White Dawg!
    Happy Day...

  23. Happy Gotcha Day to our favorite frootbat!

    we feel poopy that we are a day late, but we are no less heartfelt in our happy Gotcha Day wishes. purrrrrrrs to you buddy!

  24. Belated happy Gotcha Day Titus. Hope it was a great one.

  25. Happy Belated Gotcha Day Titus! You're such a handsome fruit-batty guy and what a nice picture with your moms arms wrapped around you!!!

  26. Happy Belated 8th Gotcha Day Titus and many, many, many moooooooore!!! You are your Mom look so cute together! Hope you ggt lots of treats and smooches!
    Your FL furiends,

  27. Happy Gotcha Day, Titus! Sorry we're a little late! We always love your frootbat ears!!!!

  28. Happy belated Gotcha Day Titus!!! We are sending belated headbutts and Meowm sends a bealted smooch.

  29. Happy a'lated Gotcha Day Titus! Hope yoo hadded a good one :)

  30. Happy Belated Gotcha Day, Titus! I hope you had a wonderful time.

  31. Titus old man, sorry we missed your big day. That's what happens when you have lazy humans who don't keep up with the blogs!

    Well anyway, we hope you got an extra treat for your Gotcha Day!

    The Crew


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