Friday, February 6, 2009

Froot Bat Friday

Yesterday was a super good day. Mom was home all day. We had jammie day and napped and cuddled and I froot batted like crazy. (Until she got out the flashy box - then I stopped. But she tricked me by getting Dad to give me ear scritches which made me froot bat and she caught me off guard.) Any way, it was a perfect day except that *someone* kept trying to chomp on my ears. That was not so perfect. But at least he got yelled at and I got extra cuddles.
Happy Weekend!


  1. What a beautiful shot of you, Titus! Something really must be done about that Hurl Grey character!

  2. My FAVOURITE Furry Kids day of the week fur some reason!

    Nice pikh there - and that's no blarney!


  3. What a good day - any day that involves all day jammies rocks!

  4. It must be a curse to have such delicious pink ears, Titus!

    We love it when Mom stays in jammies all day!

    - Gandalf and Grayson

  5. Titus it is always a good day when Mom stays home! I'm sorry your beautiful delicious froot bat ears got nibbled on but at least you got some more cuddles!

  6. Titus, you have beautiful ears and we would not chomp them

  7. Oh yeah, I love jammie days! Actually, everyday here is a jammie day because that's what Momma wears when she's home reading and writing. I hope your tummy is better now, Titus. Stop by when you have a chance, buddies--I have an award for you on my bloggie!
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  8. Titus, your fut is so gorgeous!
    How fun to have a Mom day!

  9. Awesome frootbatage as always Big T!

    Tazo, I'm on my way to help you get ready - then we can meet Bert at the party! Ok?!

  10. Titus, that is a nice photo of you. Even if they did trick ya.

  11. i am so sad abowt scootie patootie dat i hadta find sumthing dat wood take mi mind off uv her fer jus a second ... so i ran over to yer blog ... an i am smilin an smilin at yer frootbat photo.
    i luv u titus ...

  12. Titus, you should be very very Très proud of those frootbatty ears. they are very very pink. I would never bite them, but I would lick them.
    You are a good doggie.
    Please all of you stay warm and toasty.


  13. Those are exceptional froot bats, Titus! Glad you had such a great day despite the ear chomping!

  14. I love pajama days, too! It's so nice to have moms around all day, isn't it? Titus, I like your ears very much and I do not think I would bite them..not even a little bit.

  15. You look great as always, Titus! :)

  16. I hope your beautiful ears don't hurt too much after the chomp! They do wook dewicious...uhm....oh....beautiful!


  17. Oh, Titus. You do look delightfully frootbatty. But I have to admit, your ears do look rather tasty... *grin*!

    I'm sending whiskie kisses and snuggles to both Earl and Hurl!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.


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