Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tattletail Tuesday

We've got some good stuffs to tattletail about this week. But first, a couple kittehs asked about this guy in Titus' Froot Bat post last week. His name is Marko. Mama gotted him for Daddy for his birthday a squillion years ago. He even lived at their old house. He even lived there before Titus did! He used to be in front of the house (like Parker's friends, Sigfried & Roy), but there was a rash of lawn cheese thievery in our neighborhood a couple of years ago, so Marko hangs out on the back patio now. He's not usually that snowy, but Daddy threw snow on him with the snow eaty thing and it sort of froze on there. Mama tried to brush it off, but it was too cold out there for her, you know, because she doesn't have cool, speckley furs like me. Now that I'm looking at him, I'm thinking he's got some froot bats going, too. Hmmm.

In other news, I have a couple of things to tattle about. First, Mama letted us run out of stinky goodness. Not because of the snow or anything. Mostly because she didn't feel like going to the store. The horror! Can you imagine? Me and EG don't feel like getting up in the morning to help her get ready for work, but we do it every day. What is with beans? It's like they take and take and take, but there's no give, you know? :sigh:

The second tattley thing is that Titus gotted into our litterboxes again on Friday. And had bad 'tocks trouble :whispers: in Mama and Daddy's bedroom while they were at work. Daddy felt bad because he's usually home during the day, but that was the one time he wasn't. Mama gotted it cleaned up and begged Titus to talk to Jeter some more, you know, because Jeter is his life coach and helps him with his indiscriminant competitive eating problems. Let's all hope that he seeks help. Mama and Daddy's bedroom carpet will never be the same. hee hee

The last tattley thing is that Mama tried for 2-1/2 hours to update the firmware on her camera and gotted so frustrated that she put on her Grinchy jammies and poured a large, adult beverage. Maybe she should talk to Jeter about her "problem" too...


We sure hope things are calmer at everyone else's house.


  1. Marko looks like he needs a hot cup of tea!
    Titus, dude! No smoochies for you today!
    ps - what's firmware?

  2. Marko needs a nice knitted toque.

    Titus, man, what's up with that litter business?

  3. Marko will prolly need some ear muffs if it gets as cold there as it's gonna get here.

    Poor Titus, we hope that Jeter can help him.

  4. That's definitely a lot of stuff going on all at once, the worst of course being the SG shortage. Inconceivable!

    Anyway, we hope you have some nice boring days soon! We are enjoying some of those here.

    Tom and Tama-Chan

  5. "Poor" Titus (hugs) hope things get better soon :)

  6. Marko looks a little chilly but definitely frootbatty!

    We hope your other issues clear up soon, running out of stinky goodness is Not Cool!

  7. Marko definitely seems to have a bit of froot-bat in him, no doubt! I bet he doesn't have competitive eating issues :-)

    Purrs and Nosekisses to me sweet Mitten Kitten!

  8. Marko is so cute. He looks, coldddd.

  9. Maybe once Jeter realizes how much Titus needs his coaching, he will stay inside more!

    ps: My Mommie says those "adult beverages" are very, er, soothing!

  10. It is boring here. Mom says that I am being very well behaved because I am too cold to start trouble. What with only one coat of fur, I have to conserve my energy.


  11. Titus, I hope yur 'tocks are feelin bettur!!

    And Dorydoo's sendin whiskie kissies to EG!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

  12. Titus, dude....that stuff is nasty! You shouldn't try and eat it!


  13. I don't know what we'd do if we ran out of SG. I always make sure we have about 30 or a million cans just in case.

    (And pee-uu, Titus! Sorry, but...)

  14. Large adult beverage in Grinchy pj's sounds good.

    Luf, Us


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