Friday, January 23, 2009

Froot Bat Friday

This was taken right after me and Mom played a rousing game of Chase-Mom-Around-the-Backyard-Like-A-Lunatic - complete with screaming, laughing, and RAWR-ing. It was super fun, but it's very tiring as you can see.

Oh, I'm supposed to remind you guys :rolling eyes: to vote in EG's poll, if you haven't done so already. Personally, I don't think we need another evil twin around here. We've already got one, and it ain't Tazo, if you catch my drift.


  1. Titus, your ears are looking kinda' yummy to me now...
    Uh Oh!

  2. You look like you're having a good nap. I voted for The Grey Earl because it sounds like the name of a super villain.

  3. Meowm say she used to play that game with Skye, her bassett hound. She says it was lots of fun for both of them!

  4. Chasing your Mom around the back yard sounds like great fun Titus! Have a good nap!

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  6. oop, sorry about that, we double posted.

  7. You'd like the Awesome Man. Playing woofie run around and raw-r is like his most favorite thing to do ever. He likes to dance back and forth so the woofie jumps up on hind legs.


  8. Georgie always says that's a good game, especially when the snow is super deep and Mommy falls alot! She and Mommy played that for ages on Sunday.

    Hi Ya Tazo!
    I'll be right over, I heard Mommy on the phone with the V-E-T- people! Yikes!

  9. I don't think anybuddy khan play that game like WE play it!

    I have to play mine in the house but it is LOTS of fun!


  10. Hurl Grey... hehehe.

    OK, we've finally had our Friday Frootbat Fix. We feel better now. We were suffering something awful without that!

  11. Chasing Mom is always fun! I voted!
    Hugs & Snugs
    Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

  12. We voted! But, we picked the one with the least amount of votes, sigh!

    That game sounds super fun, titus! We bet you are very good at it!

  13. Your ears are irresistible.
    Happy Frooty Friday to all of you

  14. Titus, you do look very tired, but chasing your Mum around sounds like lots of fun.

    If EG gets an evil twin your tasty pink ears will never be safe : )

  15. Here I am on Friday again to see you, Titus! You look great as always!

  16. Hi Titus - looking frootbatty, as always! :)

  17. Love that "baby pink" in your ears Titus. Just like a little conch shell.

  18. u know titus ... i think d-o-gz hav mor fun gamez to play den catz do. i like to play "leev me alone" or ... "gess ware i'm goin fer a fyoo dayz" or ... "turn mi back on da camra" nun uv doze gamez leed to laffin an laffin fer mi mom.
    wudya think?

  19. That sounds like fun, Titus. I'd've liked to see that!

  20. Youdo look all pooped out, I bet you had fun.

  21. Hi Titus!
    Wow, it sure sounds like you had a fun time with your mom!! I love that kind of game. :)
    Love Clover xo
    P.S. I voted in EG's poll!!

  22. Hi Titus,

    Awww you look so cute(hug).I like to chase mom to and bite her ankles.Yet she doesn't like this game much :)

  23. Happy Weekend to our favorite woofie Frootbat! That game of chase sounds like so much funsies!

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao.

    p.s. -- Dorydoo's sendin lots and lots of whiskie kissies to EG, and to his Evil Twin!


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