Friday, January 16, 2009

Froot Bat Friday: The Foiled Again Edition

The Predator

The Unsuspecting Prey

The Delicious, Pink Ear

The Mom: Errol! Don't even think about it!

Crappity crap crap crap. And my grrrr


  1. EG, give Titus a break, he has to pee out in the cold dude!
    and so do I...

  2. That is a very delicious looking pink ear, but we think it's delicious enough to kiss!

    Tom and Tama-Chan

  3. Go on EG, just a little chomp won't hurt - Titus won't even notice!

    Wicked Wuudler

  4. Earl Grey, I can see why those beautiful pink ears are very tempting to you. But Titus is so unsuspecting, I think you should let him nap.

  5. I think Titus knows that you find his pink ears very delicious but try to control yourself so your Mom doesn't get mad at you.

  6. You'd better be careful EG, those might look pink and delicious, but they might be FROZEN!

    Hope you're all keeping warm and cozy!

    p.s. Tazo, if you don't mid my half fuzzy tummy, I'd love some help keeping warm today!

  7. I'm really glad I don't have someone hunting my delicious frootbat ears!


  8. Darn...! That sure looks *so* the same way our twitching tails are so fun to pounce on....!

    ~Donny and Marie

    PS. Hi Titus!

  9. I have not been by to visit in ages. I feel terrible about that. Titus your nose is adorrrrrabibble, I want to kiss it. Your ears are marvelous. They look a lot like mine!!!!! yay

    I see you got snow. We want a whole pile of it on Monday and Tuesday, that would totally be wonderful.

    Caesar used to love chewing up cardboard and bags. Pierro is just doing great on tissue paper, haha

    Happy Week-end furry Michigan friends

  10. Your mom knows you far too well, E.G., to get away with the bitey on the ear!

  11. Oh, EARL! You look soooo handsome. You're a nibbler, just like me! Except we don't have a woofie here, so I have to nibble on Mom's elbows. *grin!*

    Titus's ear does look rather yummy, now that you mention it. (Sorry, Titus!)

    I'd love to snuggle with you, cutiepie! I'm sending lots and lots of whiskie kisses.

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  12. rats! caught again! gosh, yur mommees got eyes in the back of her head too!



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