Friday, January 30, 2009

Froot Bat Friday

So yesterday, I was still hungry, even after the whole fish oil thing. So I ate a whole box of Lucky Charms. I don't know why Mom started crying when Dad told her he found the empty box. But they tasted so good! The good news is that my tummy and 'tocks were ok. The bad news is that I didn't get much for dinner. Only like 1/4 cup. That's like nothing. Mom thinks maybe I'm bored because we haven't been playing as much or even going outside lately since it's been crazy freezy cold here the last couple of weeks. I think it's just that I'm hungry.all.the.time. I have a feeling that there are some walks in my future. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Oh, and the stoopid, horrible evil twin name poll thingy ends February 1 at midnight EST. Please vote! Because I'm starting to think having an evil twin around here might not be a bad idea...


  1. OH!

    Aren't they magikhally delicious?

    They are my mom's favourite cereal!

    Did woo get a good sugar buzz?

    PeeEssWoo: Keep up the grrrreat work!

  2. Oh Titus, we feel so bad for you! It's terrible being hungry and bored! We hope there are fun activities planned for the weekend.

    Your Pals,
    Tom and Tama-Chan

  3. hello titus its dennis the vizsla dog hay did yoo find a pot of gold in the lucky charms boks??? i hav herd that leprekawns always hav a pot of gold with them and so my nekst kwestchun is if yoo did find a pot of gold ... what is gold eksaktly??? thanks ok bye

  4. We have never tried cereal Titus but we like to drink the milk! It is very hard to be bored all the time and hopefully Spring will come soon!

  5. I hope that you get lots of walks this week-end. Being stuck in the house can make anyone do out of the ordinary things.


  6. Wow, where does your mom keep the cereal? Did you eat the box too? Or the plastic bag it comes in? Your stomach must be cast iron!


  7. Did you eat the leprechaun too?

    That may lead to nasty 'tock problems.

  8. We are glad your tummy & tocks are ok big fellow!! We agree with the boredom theory, and walks sound like the perfect thing for both people and dogs alike. It has been awfully sub zero cold here too and it really is hard to get out, even for a minute without your nostrils freezing!

  9. Titus I realize this eating of stuff is fun but you need to realize it freaks out your parents and friends. Be careful and stick to trash that won't hurt you.


  10. Oh silly woofie. You really should try to stick to woofie is so much better for you.

  11. Oh man, Titus, you are in hardcore training for a competitive eating contest. I am very impressed. Too bad you had to barf back up the fish oil pills. Granny has to take those and she says it makes her burp fish oil, which I think sounds grate. Mmmm, fish.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  12. Dear Titus Theodore, you are one crazy fella! We are laffin and laffin about your fish oil pills! Too bad you had to barf them all up, you might be thinking all kinds of big thoughts! hahaha!

    We hope the barf stink gets outta your Mom's nose soon!

  13. Oh, Titus! Try to be a good boy, okay?

  14. Yummmmmy I love cereal. Titus, you had a great day yesterday. Did the marshmallows make you peppy?
    Too bad you got gyped on the doggie foods... Tomorrow will be a better day. I bet your mom is going to lock up everything now, drat.
    Pierro is pretty good about staying out of stuff, but Caesar used to chew open all sorts of boxes of goodies too.
    Have a happy week-end

  15. Oh no, a whole box of Lucky Charms. Be careful Titus, that is a lot of sugar for you. Our cousin dog, Boo once ate a whole box of donuts and then he got diabetes. The doctor said it was too much sugar for him at one time.

  16. Oh Titus! I am thinking that you need an evil twin as well! How about Bitus, ha, ha, ha....I crack myself up.

  17. deer titus,
    lucky charmz an fish oil izza fabyoolus combinashun. i wunder wut yer litter box smellz like!? har!
    i think u do wanna get owt an run arownd sum ... i can relate to dat! jus repeet yer mantra ... an try to relax.
    i, on da udder hand, am reedin a intrestin book abowt "expressions of anxiety" ...
    i'll share wid u later.


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