Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thinking on Thursday

I've been thinking. With the new year and all those resolutions that beans make, I would've hoped that The Mom would have made a resolution to not let us run out of stinky goodness. Or to scrub out the litterboxes when she says she's going to instead of just adding new litter and thinking we don't notice. Or to not let Dad do mani/pedis on us. But no. We're out of stinky goodness, she has been promising to scrub the litterboxes for two weeks, and Dad gave us mani/pedis two nights ago. What the paw? Poor Tazo has even gone so far as to give her the back of disrespect:

I'm really thinking about trading in The Mom for a funner model. Anybody ever do that before? Anybody know of any new The Moms for sale?


  1. EG, I would stick to the original model. If you get a used one you never know what's really under the hood!
    : )

  2. EG, I have to agree with Parker. Better stick with what you know. I tried to pick up a refurbished mom at a yard sale last summer and it turned out she lied and was actually allergic to cats!!!! That could have been the end of us out here in the woods.

    I feel your pain though.

    Purrs Goldie

  3. We think if you can tolerate the 'Gimme Some Frootbat' voice, the rest is not that bad. I mean, she totally appreciates your grayness. That's something we really find attractive in a Mom.

  4. Maybe you and the Meezers should switch moms for a while, like in that show called Wife Swap. You could call it mom swap and see what happens.


  5. well, since our mom is already like that, we doesn't know if you really want to switch. unless you want some different kinds of huggles and snuggles and toys and tents to play in. OH, and a different white dog to play with (although he doesn't live here, he visits lots). Basically our mom is your mom wif cold feets.

  6. I think you got a good mom! At least she doesn't run after you with a toothbrush every day like mine does.

  7. I'll throw the Woman in so it can be 2- for one. Humans who are incapable of making cats happy!!


  8. Out of stinky goodness!! OMG, no way!! What the!!

  9. Dood - if you find a place, let me know. We need to trade ours in for one that actually pays attention to our need to blog and visit! - Jake

    Hiya Tazo,
    We call that "kitty butt" in our house, and it definitely gets the message across! I sure hope it works - I'd say you could come up here, but it would pretty much be the same treatment, harumph!
    Purrs and nosekisses,

  10. Maybe woo need to find a more khat friendly one!

    BTW, it is ALMOST Fruit Bag Friday!


  11. I hope the ecnomy will be turn well,
    at least turn well from this year~~
    No one could left stinky goodness~

  12. Our Meowm hardly ever messes with our claws....she lets the beans at the v-e-t office take care of that. And we are lucky because we have never run out of food. Now the litterbox issue....that is another story!

  13. EG, Tazo, and Titus,

    Check out our blog entry about used moms!

    Carmela and Moe


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