Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 51

It's been a busy week around Casa De Furry Kids again. Here's 13 things that happened:

1. Lots of screaming and dancing last night when the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup. Wahoo!

2. Tazo has taken to jumping up Mom's back whenever she bends over to pick something up. She always adds claws for traction, too. That kinda causes some screaming and dancing (but not the happy kind). hehehe

3. EG's been helping Mom with her homework. Mostly by chewing on the corners of her papers and sprawling all over the middle of her notebook.

4. Mom took some very embarrassing pictures of me, Titus.

5. Mom's voice sounds very funny because she's still sick. So she's been chasing us around the house saying, "Luuuuuuke, Luuuuuuke!" in this scary Darth Vader voice.

6. Mom's been calling EG "Errol D. Errol" a lot this week. She just made it up and apparently it makes her very happy. It does not make EG happy, however.

7. EG and I played together really nicely this week. I (like a good boy) stuck to the Feet and Tails Rule (Tails and feet, everything's sweet. Tummy and head, everyone's dead.) Things went great until he went for my delicious, pink ears.

8. Tazo's been cuddling with Mom in the mornings (usually it's EG).

9. Because Tazo hates the new flashy box, Mom's been using the old one to take pictures of her. We suspect this drives Mom crazy because she's all about being efficient and doing things as simply as possible and having to use 2 cameras is neither. heh heh

10. Mom took EG outside in the stroller while she sat on the patio. It's a good thing that they didn't actually go strollering, because the front wheel fell off. EG swears that Mom was trying to kill him. Whatever.

11. Mom's trying to bribe teach the twins to do tricks. With Temptations. (It's not really working.) The good thing about this is that she always gives me some.

12. EG hates the Furminator. And he really, really needs it.

13. The twins have been getting up super early this week. In fact, they got locked out of the bedroom on Monday morning. It worked for about .00013 seconds until they started screaming and flinging themselves against the door. It wasn't a pretty situation.

Happy Thursday, Everybody!

Your pal,


  1. YUCK I like the PENS... BOOOOOOOOO

    Very nice list, I like it. BOUNCE on over to my 13.

  2. Wow! There ought to be plenty of napping going on over there Titus - you've all been staying super busy! I bet your mom is grateful to EG for all his help. ;)

  3. Hooray for the Wings!!!!!
    Titus, I think your ears must be very delicious, I might have to take a taste of Diamond's to see what this is all about!

  4. HEE JHEE~~~
    I like to see No.4 's photos~!!

    Sounds you have another good week~~~

  5. I wants to see the embarrassing photos, too!

    My Mommie is going to try to teach me tricks, too. She just ordered a clicker training kit for cats. I am a little bit worried...

  6. You guys sure have been busy around there!

    Hello my sweet snuggly little Tea Cup! ::waves::
    Purrs and nosekisses,

  7. screaming and flinging!!! WOO HOOO!!!! we loves to do that!

  8. Silky tried doing Tazo's trick a couple of times. Beans don't like that.

    Sounds like a busy week!

  9. Tricks are not for cats! When we will be seeing the embarassing photos? Soon or sooner?

  10. Wow, you guys sure were busy at your house this week. I didn't do even a quarter of what you guys did!

  11. This is our first time visiting, and our Mom loves the Earl Grey and Tazo names! She drinks lots of tea. She says don't feel left out, Titus, because you are very cute!

  12. Hi Kids
    I'm glad youw wings won..and I weally liked youw list...I hate getting gwoomed a lot, so I can undewstand you hating the fuwminatow..hope you'we having a lovely day with lots of tweats
    smoochie kisses

  13. Sounds like a busy household! We have been playing a bit of thundering herd of elephants! And napping.....and wrassling.

  14. Yes, that is probably the best thing about this week... the Wings! Thrilled with that news and even watched some of the game..
    You three make me happy. Titus, you are loved. I bet your mom is very appreciative of your good attitude.
    purrrs to you whitester!


  15. Great job of reporting the events in your house, Titus! Sounds like it's been pretty exciting!

  16. You guys are just unbelievable. Mom says she will stick to pugs. Though Titus would be fine.


  17. I wanna see the pics! I don't have anybody's ears to bite. You guys have a lot of fun over there!

  18. You guys iz just as buzy as I am, I didn't think that wuz pawsible (neither did my Mum, hehe).


  19. #2 The Big Thing would LIKE us ta walk onhis back, but only while in bed and wif no claws...

    That doesnt soun like much fun, so we dont.


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