Monday, June 23, 2008

Update on EG's 'Tocks

The Mom here. EG had diarrhea last night and this morning (no vomiting, though). He didn't wake mes up at 4:30, nor did he want any breakfast. I came home to check on him at lunch and he'd had more 'tocks trouble. I collected a poo sample and we headed in to see his favorite V-E-T, Dr. P.

He had a little bit of a temp (just by 0.3 degrees). She palpated his tummy and he didn't seem to have any pain. She x-rayed his tummy and said that everything looked pretty good (even though we know that an obstruction wouldn't necessarily show up, she said that his intestines weren't all bunched up which is a good sign). But I have to admit that his x-ray this time looks a lot different than the one they did in March 2007 when his intestines were all bunched up and angry, due to the horrible chew toy ingestion incident.

Dr P did some bloodwork and his creatinine (sorry, I'm too tired to check the spelling) was a little off, which could indicate a kidney issue or just plain old dehydration. She did a urinalysis and his urine was perfectly concentrated, so she suspected the creatinine levels were the result of all the diarrhea.

He ended up with sub-q fluids (with B vitamins to hopefully perk him up), a can of I/D food (which he refuses to eat, though when I gave some to Tazo, she wouldn't eat it either. Titus, on the other hand, thought it was the best thing ever) and a prescription for flagyl. He is also under strict instructions (by Dr P, his Dad, and me) to eat breakfast. If he doesn't eat by tomorrow or perk up considerably, then he has to go back and we'll go from there.

Thank you all for the thoughts and purrs and purrayers. We're pretty worried about our boy.

In other news, I have promised him that if he wakes me up tomorrow at 4:30, I will not yell at him any more or call him a snot. I will happily feed him some hamburger and rice


  1. I still pray and purr for EG :(
    I hope he will be recover soon!

  2. Oh, we all hope EG feels better very soon. Maybe the vitamin B will be all magical and stuff.

  3. Oh, I hope EG feels much better by the morning. Soemtimes those sub-q fluids work miracles!

  4. I hope this comment finds you already up and watching EG eat his breakfast.
    We are all praying that he's all better now!

  5. Oh dear, we hope that EG is better today!


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