Monday, June 9, 2008

Mancat Monday - The Goldilocks Edition

I think I look sort of dashing, don't you? I don't have a stoopid embarrassed look like somedawg I know.

In other news, Aunt Jen is getting another bone marrow draw today. They're checking to make sure that she doesn't have any more bad guy cells in her bone marrow. We're purraying and purraying for her today. If anybody has some spare pawsitive thoughts or purrs or purrayers today, we'd really appreciate it if you could send them her way.


  1. Sending lots of positive thoughts your Aunt Jen's way!

    Oh no! I hope that wig doesn't remind Mom of that one she's got! :0

  2. Very cute, EG! :)

    We are purring and praying for your Aunt Jen!

  3. Oh mommie has had one of those bonemarrow tests. They are awful ewwwie too.
    We are purring for Aunt Jen.

    EG, you are such a happy boy today!

  4. EG you are rocking that look - I don't know what Titus was so upset about!

    We'll be purring for Aunt Jen - and good news!

    Good Morning Sweet Tazo,
    I hope you didn't melt this weekend - or get blown away! We stayed inside a lot and watched the wind blow!

  5. Oh EG! I think that's quite a look for you! The way it frames your handsome face is just super!

    Your Aunt Jen is going to have big ol' rumbley purrs from us for good news!

  6. Great photo, EG! We'll be sending all-day positive purrs and purrayers to your Aunt Jen!

    Rocky & staff

  7. Great EG!

    We always have pawsitive purrs to send out...and we will be keeping your Aunt Jen in ours today...

    Purr purr purr
    and Gracie

  8. You certainly have a handsome mancatly smile there, EG!

    I am purring hard for Aunt Jen.

  9. My Daddy wooda bin diggin that wig out of the litterbocks if thayd tried to put it on me. I'm jes sayin...


    We're purrin for Ant Jen too!

  10. Hmmm EG, you do has that goldilocks look! Furry cute thoughs!!

    Coulds you gives me hints on how to put the bitey on Jakes ear like you does to Titus??

  11. hmmm EG. that's a great look for you.

    we is purring for your Aunt Jen!!

  12. EG, that is a very handsome wig you have on!

    I will continue to purray for your Aunt Jen, I hope her test result is good today.

  13. Wowie, EG. That's quite a goldilocks look! ummm, dashing? Is that what you're going for? Yeah, dashing!

    Purring for great results for your Aunt Jen!!

  14. EG, I wood give ANYTHING to have nice kerly hares like that! It reely brings owt the color of yer eyes!

    We are purring and purraying for good news for Ant Jen!!!!

  15. Purrs to Aunt Jen!! She's such a fighter!!


  16. Mom said Aunt Jen and Tyler's Momma get all of our prayers today.


  17. What a silly picture, it made me
    smile! The dog pictures too!

  18. Oh, my sweet EARL! You look adorable in your toupee! I can't quit grinning... or swooning! You look magnificently dashing. Be still my heart!!!!

    All of us Ballicai are purring and purring for your Aunt Jen, that her tests turn out A-OK an that there are no more bad guy cells!

    Love and cuddles and many, many whiskie kisses from Dorydoo.

  19. We will send positive thoughts your way. As for the stoopid embarrassed look, we don't know who you are talking about. We think Titus handled it very well.

    Roxy & Lucky

    (Hey Titus, don't worry, us woofies stick together.)

  20. I am purraying that Aunt Jen will be fine. Re your wig, I don't think the color is quite "you." How about adding some champagne and gold highlights and streaks?

  21. EEEEEK!

    I hope everything went well with your aunt!

  22. Hahahaha! You're both acting like Daisy or Skeez, trying out new some hair. I recommend staying with's right for any occasion.



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