Monday, June 2, 2008

Mancat Monday

Mancat Rule of the Day:

When your The Mom is sick, it is very important to be extremely helpful to her: steal her drinking straws, play with the spoon in her mug, sample her soup, steal her crackers, scatter used tissues all over the place, and sniff her hot lemon water. When she is feverish and sweaty, make sure that you lie right on top of her. Then make sure that she won't be late for work by getting her up at 4:37 am. Oh, and make sure to throw in a purr for good measure, just to show you care.

I'll catch you guys later - I'm off to nap with Dad. heh heh


  1. Whatever would your mom do without you, EG? *snicker*

  2. Awwww, EG, is your Mom sick? How awful. I just know she appreciates everything you are doing for her!

  3. Oh, no! Your poor Mom is sick AND she has to go to work? That's just terrible! You are so thoughtful to be taking such good care of her, EG.

  4. Humans sick in the summer....ick! I can't believe the lack of appreciation. Tisk tisk!


  5. ooohh weze hopes shez feelin bettur!

    Katie Too

  6. sounds like you have the nursing thing down pat ~the Fluffy Tribe

  7. Good work!

    I hope your mom is feeling much better soon.

  8. Oh, EG! *googly eyes* Who would have thought that such a rugged, handsome mancat as yourself would be such a wonderful nurse! What a sweetheart you are.

    I am glad you like my mighty burps! I try to act ladylike, like my older sister Marilyn, but I just can't seem to resist becoming Burpydoo at parties! *GRIN*

    Love and cuddles and worlds of whiskie kisses,


  9. Oh EG, you do have a soft spot for your Mom ;-)

    Oh Tazo, I'm so glad you're on your way over! Then we can snuggle on the bed and I won't even miss the fact that Mommy is missing. Then we can play THoE and trash the house, it's perfect!
    Your Bert

  10. Ooops! We forgot to say that we're sorry you're Mom isn't feeling well, and we hope she's feeling better soon!

  11. I hope your mom is all better now, thanks completely to your careful and attentive assistance!

    purrrrs for a super happy day
    Prin ~

  12. What is it with you kitties. You are terrible to your mom when she is sick. I just got through explaining it to the Meezers. Do I have to post it worldwide?


  13. I think because of you, your mommy will get well very very soon!

  14. Dear E. G. Lucky and I would like to live to see another day. If either of us did to our mom what you do to your mom, I can guarantee you we would be locked in the cellar (at the very least). Since mom would be in bed on the second floor, I don't think anything we did would disturb her.
    I think that Lucky and I will stick to our game plan.
    Thank you very much for your advice. We really do appreciate it.

    Roxy & Lucky

    Titus! Dogs ROCK!

  15. You are a true helper, Earl Grey. I'm sorry your momma is so sick, but I am glad to know that she has you around to help her.
    Your buddy, Jimmy Joe

  16. EG, we don't think those are good things to do when your mom is sick, except the purring part. We hope your mom feels better soon. Sending healing purrs her way.

  17. Sorry your mom is sick, EG. You seem to have it all under control though. I like the laying on when feverish. They get so HOT and it feels soooo good!


  18. It sounds like you've been working hard to care for her!

  19. Hey EG, don't furget to start coughin like a hairball rite outside the bedroom when she's sleepin! Dat will get her up an moofin!

    Yur a furry good kitty nurse. Purrs!


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