Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday is Hurl's Day

Tazo here.  Apparently, this week, Thursday is not the only day Hurl Grey has taken over.  It's been a really long week.  He's been here for days.  Mama's upset, Titus is upset, and I've even hissed at HG a few times.  He's eating and drinking and doing the right kind of 'tocks stuff.  Mama hasn't found any pukes or anything.  But he just keeps trying to beat up on Titus. There's a cat that roams the 'hood and comes right up to the house. Mama thinks maybe that's hissing him off.  Even though it didn't seem to bother him last fall when it was hanging around.  Can a potential hairball make you cranky?  Do kittehs get spring fever?  So far Mama has drenched the house in Comfort Zone spray and is keeping us separated as needed.  She's considering scruffing him and hissing like a mama cat.  (She's been practicing her hiss in the shower.  It's not good.) I've even heard the v-e-t word mentioned.  Mama says she needs a cat whisperer.  Or a vacation.  Or adult beverages.  I've been purring on her, but I think she needs a few more.  If you've got any spare purrs or suggestions, could you please send them her way?  I really appreciate it.


  1. We think it could be any of the things you mentioned getting him riled up - probably a combo of all three. We have been crazier then normal too, though not too bad, and mom is convinced it is spring fever. Add in a cat and possible hairball and that could lead to a cranky beast. We are sending your mom some purrs and mom is sending good thoughts - we hope things calm down soon.

  2. Human to human here: Someone else on the CB is using "calming collars" she got at a pet supply store. Lavender scented, I think. Would that be an option?

    I understand the need for adult beverages (LOL!) because Annie and Nicki are forever getting into spats...fights. The two of them vie for top kitty status and neither wants to back down. It's been three years of that and there have been many times I've been at wit's end.

    The problem is that I think the more we humans get upset, the worse we make it. (At least in my case!) I really think they pick up on our vibes.

    Is this roaming cat unneutered? That certainly could stir things up. My Nicki shows a lot of territorial aggression outside in our enclosed back space, when he spies a roaming cat on the other side of the fence. Because he can't get to the other cat, he'll sometimes turn on Annie or Derry--whoever is in the way. Chumley was like that too, only he had just Annie to turn on at the time. (Otherwise he was completely laid back.)

    I wish I had some answers for you. Lots of wine, or scotch or whatever you drink, is good. ;-)

    Just know I'm sending you all healing, calming Light!

  3. oh we're ALL driving our the mom to the adult beverage cabinet this week. For some reason we are ALL out of control with the hissing and fighting and running and jumping and whapping and hollering. maybe it's just a change in the weather?

  4. I am with Kea.

    We have two females who barely tolerate each other at the best of times. During this time of year when the couple of stray males come 'round the yard Ms. Stella O'Houligan gets into such a hissy fit she goes after anyone that moves! Bottle brush tail, the works! She ends up being chased into the garage by me for a time out. (this is mainly for my benefit)

    We bought one of those feliaway jobs you plug in and had it till it finally ran out of stuff but I'm not replacing it; it did nothing.

    I'm afraid for us there's nothing for it but to keep them apart as much as possible until this spring insanity is over. Good luck and it helps for us humans to go for lots of runs during this time too :).

  5. **a tiny footnote so I don't appear to be an ogre** When I chase Ms. O'Houligan into our spacious, carpeted garage where she loves to be... She goes there with her tail held straight up and proud as proud can be... yes, she is just All That! 'swhy we love her

  6. Just lock him up in a room with all those aliens - that should do the trick.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Good luck with all that. It must be tiring you out just thinking about it.

  8. Could the intruder have left some scent markings around that HG is picking up on? Do they lay in certain windows or patio doors where a scent could be coming in?

    Have you tried Feliway? ( Maybe it's similar to Comfort Zone, I don't know.

    Has anything inside the house changed recently?

  9. We have the same thing going on at our house, too! Mommy thinks the ferals around the neighborhood are stinkin' up the place and we are riled up from it.

    Daddy sprayed a mild vinegar solution around the doors and windows to clean any tommy smells and he's been spraying Boundary in front of the spots (outside) where we can see 'em.

    It seems like it's working...of course with alla us there's always SOME spatting going on.

    Mommy highly recommends sailing with Captain Morgan!

    xx Lounge Kats

  10. Yep!

    My mom suggests adult beverages...

    We saw the Khaptain Morgan khomment on FB - we think it would make fur a great marinade fur the 'chikhken'

    PeeEssWoo: Hey Titus - do NOT let HIM hurt your nice mama! Please let me know if I khan khome 'help'

  11. Oh Dear... Poor Titus, poor Tazo and probably poor EG. How about trying those calming collars that Gandalf & Grayson's mom tried? They seem to be working well there.

  12. We all have gotten fairly comfortable with each other and also we are all getting *G*A*S*P older, so we really don't bother each other too much. We hope things settle down and we will purr that they will.


  13. We think a serious Mama Hiss might help. The Big Thing done that on rare occassions an it really affects us fer sure.

    He seems like a softy most of the time. but when he hisses, we gotta pay atention OR ELSE. An he can hiss for real...

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  15. I wish I had some good advice for you, but so far I have not been able to get Harley under control. Harley's antics are just good-natured playing, but I just want to be left alone. I hope things settle down soon there!

  16. Hey, we just read over at Gandolf & Grayson's about something they use for cat stress - a Calming Collar.

    Maybe that would help Hurl.

  17. Sorry to hear things are unsettled out your way! We have only had girl cats so I don't know what to do about this. :-(

  18. Hi there! We had similar issues here at Casa Furry Bambino a few months ago. Panda Bear was repeatedly chasing and mounting Caramel, and biting her on the neck. Padre was refusing to eat, and licking himself bald patches. Our V-E-T suggested Feliway, which contains a calming cat pheromone. Feliway is available as a diffuser (like Glade plug-ins) and also as a spray.

    We have been using Feliway since mid-February, and after about 6 weeks, we think it really kicked in! Knock on wood, Padre is on an "eating streak" of 24 straight days! Panda Bear has stopped mounting Caramel! There is peace in the Middle East! (OK, the first two statements are true.)

    Good luck! Keep us posted. If the Feliway did not work, the V-E-T was suggesting happy pills for Padre. And it would have been adult beverages for me!

    Mom Sue to The Furry Bambinos


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