Monday, April 19, 2010

Mancat Monday

The weekend started out kinda rough.  I had to go to the v-e-t on Saturday.  The Mom wanted to make sure everything was ok with me because I had such a bad week.  The wonderful Dr P looked me over real good and then she and Dad and The Mom talked lots about what might be going on with me and why I'm taking it out on Titus.  They decided that for now they were going to treat it as me getting agitated by the roaming neighborhood cats. Dad and The Mom went out Saturday night and bought more feliway diffusers and some spray for the yard.  She sprayed the front yard with this citronella/garlic spray all around where she'd seen those roaming cats.  But The Mom was still freaking out because she wasn't 100% sure what was going on.

But then, we got a break in the case!  Saturday night, Dad opened the door to let Titus out before bed and immediately slammed the door shut.  There was a giant cat lying on the patio RIGHT BY THE DOOR.  INSIDE the fence.  So The Mom locked me in the litterbox room AGAIN and she went outside.  The cat had moved to the outside of the fence, but he was still hanging around.  The Mom grabbed the squirt bottle and started squirting the cat and he wouldn't leave!  He just walked under her car and laid there, staring at her.  She kept blasting him with water and he wouldn't budge.  She finally got him to move farther down the driveway and then came in the house.  I was real HISSED OFF, so we all had to be separated for the night.

Yesterday, The Mom was talking to Aunt Jen and she suggested that since that cat has been so close to the house, Titus is probably picking up strange cat smell on him when he's outside doing his bizness and then bringing it into the house which is really hissing me off.  Plus, The Mom is now convinced that he's eating that strange cat's kitty box crunchies out of the flower bed.  Which is contributing to the strange cat smell he's bringing in the house. 

So Dad and The Mom are working hard to keep those roaming cats away from Casa de Furry Kids and they're spraying all kinds of feliway all over the furniture and we're just hoping that those cats leave us alone soon.  It's kinda fun to be hissed off once in a while, but I'm getting real tired of being hissed off all the time.  Go away, roaming cats! Go away!!!


  1. Hey Titus!

    Our plan is working!

    When woo are ready fur the next level, please paw me!


  2. Well, we're glad there's nothing medically wrong with you. Is there any chance your humans can find out who the roaming cat belongs with, maybe have a chat with the person? I take it that it's not obvious that the cat is a neighbour's? No collar/tags? Can s/he be trapped and taken to a local rescue? Maybe he's microchipped.

    It's tough because of course you love cats and don't want to be mean to the roaming ones, but you also can't have them causing distress in your own household. :-(

  3. Roaming cats in your space! Oh man, no wonder you are so hissed. We have lots of roaming cats coming into our yard too. But we like to watch them from the window.

  4. I'd be hissed if there was a roaming cat around here. I hope you get better again.

  5. We hope everything settles down at your house soon. Sounds like maybe this roaming cat is someone's un-neutered male.

  6. We're glad that you're making progress in the case whilst Titus still has his "Delicious Pinks" left!

    Foreign cats can cause real trouble as Tama-Chan will tell you tomorrow...

  7. oooh, we scream & howl at introoder cats. Sometimes we even have to leave a little "squirt" on the door jamb, too. Mommy gets kinda perturbed when we do that but she understands why...we think the calming collar might help.
    xx Lounge Kats

  8. Mothballs - get some and put them in the flower bed. Kitties hate that smell.

  9. Oh mancats, this is bummy news. Mom hates it when other cats hang around our property. The kitties next door are sweet and stay in their own yard, there are two orange and white kitties that live a street over and they are quite bold and hang around evryones property but I don't know anything about them.... then there is the black kitty down the street that almost walked right into our house, mom had to block him twice with her foot, he was persistent in coming into my house!!
    I think I would be agitated too.
    We have actually gone and talked to the folks who are owners of those invasive kitties but you know, most folks think their cats can go on anyones property.
    I like Parker's idea.
    Next would be animal control to talk to them. Find out the laws in your neighborhood. Mom hates kitties running loose, any kitties should never run willy nilly around the neighborhood. It is wrong.

    EG, I hope you start feeling better soon. Mom put cardboard in the lower windows so no big kitties can spy on me.

    bonkbonks mancat buddy

  10. Well, it is good that you have finally gotten closer to figuring it out. We can never understand why cats are allowed to roam freely and we pups have to have leashes on.

    Paws crossed that it is a much better week for all of you this week.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  11. well no wonder yer so hissed! we get that way so too & we're girls! our biped gets totally cheesed off when the roamer boys think they can spray the slider door like they own the place! you'd laff to hear the words that come outta her mouth then! hope all get's mellowed out soon! spring madness indeed!

    xoxo ms stella o'houligan

  12. The Big Thing throws rocks against the fence (not the kitties) when strange ones come in the yard an disturb us. He says the scary noise makes them stay away.

    We just want them ta stay outside our fence.

  13. when there is Roaming cats in your space plz see that cats from a distance .
    Kids furniture stores

  14. hello earl grey its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry yore nayborhud cat is kawzing yoo so mutch stress perhaps a verry lardj grate stone wall is in order??? i think the chineez bilt wun wunse to keep a cat owt of there yard!!! ok bye

  15. Your mom is doing a great job of getting to the bottom of the problem! It was a smart idea to get you checked out at the vet, too, just to be safe.

  16. Wow, what a major drag! I hate having alien cats in the yard, so I totally sympathize!

  17. Hi again! We just read this post, and we are glad to see that you may have uncovered the solution to this mystery!

    Padre, Panda Bear, Meerkat, Cookie, and Caramel

  18. The Daily G's have had a lot of good luck with calming collars. Think they are sold at Petsmart.

  19. My poor pal, EG. Max and I would be upset if a big intruder was hanging around in our yard, too.

    He doesn't want me to say anything, but Max is wearing a calming collar now 'cause he was...well, he was doing "inappropriate elimination", if you know what I mean. Mom knows it was him 'cause she caught him in the act. One week with the collar and nothing else happened yet!



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