Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday Thirteen - Edition 67

It's been like a squillion years since we did a T13, so here we go.

Thirteen Things Seen and/or Heard Around the House This Week:

1. :a startled Mom gasps: "Oh! Excuse me, I didn't know you were in here," as she walks in on EG in the litterbox

2. "I love Harvey Woofnagle! I love Harvey Woofnagle!" (in a singsong voice)

3. "Do you think the kittehs will eat salmon?" Um, do ya think?

4. "Oh, T-Bone! Tell me you didn't eat that whole bottle of Fresh Factors!" (he didn't - he just chewed up the old bottle that was in the recycling bin)

5. "Your belleh looks so snorgle-able. I sure wish I wasn't in danger of having my face clawed off."

6. "Excuse me, Speckle? Sweet Speckle-baby? Could you please move your tail so that I can change the channel?"

7. "Ugh!" After The Mom stepped on a soaking-wet wad of toilet paper in the hallway.

8. "Why is there a soaking-wet wad of toilet paper in the hallway?" For the answer, please see #9 heh heh

9. "Eggie! Stop playing in the toilet!" I probably would, if you'd stop calling me "Eggie." And if you start calling me Eggie Meownagle again, you're gonna find something way worse than a soaking-wet wad of toilet paper in the hallway.

10. "Um, honey? Errol just ate part of a plastic straw wrapper." heh heh

11. "Dude! I just had to put the squeeze on EG. He was trying to run under the bed and I had to grab him by the leg and he got all rubbery. I feel bad."

12. "Why, Eggie, WHY?!" after The Mom noticed that an entire handle was eaten off of a plastic bag

13. "Gimme some frooooooot baaaaaaat."


  1. Hi, cutie! You ate part of a straw wrapper? I'll have to try that sometime. You know what I really like? Broccoli. Fresh from Mom and Dad's garden. And it never fails to blow Mom's mind when I nibble on the broccoli, because usually I'm the most carnivorous kitty in the house. HEE!

    Sending you whiskie kisses galore!

    Love and cuddles from Dorydoo.

  2. Eggie?!? EGGIE!?! HaHaHaHaHa!
    I love it!!!

  3. What a wonderful update! Sounds like everyone is staying on their toes at your house!

  4. perfect TT. What a week! EG you must be very careful and not cause any unnesessary trips to the vet, and that goes for you two Tituskins!

  5. I'll take a #2 and a #13 please!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi HW!

  6. Mom gets all squeamy when she steps on something wet and gooey too.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  7. I can't believe you ate a plastic straw wrapper - my kitties always go for the paper ones! And anytime I step in anything wet on the floor it isn't just a wad of toilet paper - so I bet your mom was thankful it wasn't something worse!

  8. You guys hear all the bestest stuff - but maybe that's because you DO the bestest stuff!!!!!!

    Hiya Tazo!
    I sure do miss you, but Mommy is no help in the blogging department lately. I'm thinking about trading her in - but she keeps Daddy from kicking me off the bed at night so maybe not:)
    Purrs and Nosekisses,

  9. We all loved reading your T13 list! You get into as much trouble as we do!


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