Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tazo Tuesday

The pawparazzi got me, too. I was headed under the bed, but I was tricked by someone calling my name and snapping their fingers. Um, yeah, and no treats. How do you guys get your mamas into the habit of dispensing treats? Any advice is welcome.

In other news, Mama always checks out the Tazo tea selection (obviously- hee hee) when she goes shopping. And check out this one:

If you think it has resulted in an unfortunate and annoying nickname, you would be right. :sigh:

In other, other news, in answer to Gandalf, Grayson, & Whitey's question: Mama would like to make it clear that the hairy bean leg in EG's photos yesterday were NOT hers. hee hee


  1. Oh Yeah, I could see that nickname coming from way over here!

  2. We're sorry the treats were not forthcoming, but you're looking awfully cute in that photo, Tazo!

  3. um, about the treats. we just don't pay any attenshun unless there's some sort of foods involved.

  4. If the nikhkname fits, purr it!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Titus!

  5. That is a nice picture of you Tazo! And as far as treats, well, they are more of a special occasion or attempt to give a pill thing at our house. So I don't really have any suggestions for you. But good luck on training your bean!

  6. Just do not do any good modeling unless there are treats involved!

  7. Tazo
    I keep starin and her and pawin her until she gives me what I want. She gets the idea.


  8. Ohhhh! Tazoberry! We think that is a lovely name!


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